Strike Team RaptorMature

"Command to Raptor team, get into cover.  Enemy forces are approaching your position," came a voice over the radio.  The turian strike team immediately spread out into the bushes.  A patrol of Blue Suns slowly walked through the area.

"Raptor Three to Raptor Actual, I think I can take them from stealth.  Permission to engage?" inquired Saris.

"Negative, they might be missed.  We need surprise at the base," answered Tela.  The patrol continued past the turians.  After a minute or so, Tela ordered her team forward.  They approached the target from the east and got into position for a quick take down.  Saris engaged her cloak and snuck towards the door.  After a moment, she keyed her radio to signal the team to move up.  At the door, Solona assumed the point position.  She readied herself and opened the door.

Solona launched herself towards the mercenaries on the other side.  The merc to her left took a shotgun blast to the chest.  She swiveled right and shot another.  Her left leg swept the feet from under the center guard.  Continuing her spin, she hit a target behind her in the face with the butt of her shotgun, breaking his nose.  She finished her spin facing the guard she had floored.  She leveled her shotgun at his head and fired.

The rest of the team stormed in.  Solona drew her assault rifle and positioned herself in the center of their forward line.  They quickly moved down a hallway, sending bursts of fire into startled mercs.  One of the mercs tried to tackle Jaxum, but Sol sent a burst of biotic energy into his chest, disintegrating his armor.

The intruder alarms finally started blaring at them.  They could expect more organized resistance now.  The next hallway had been heavily fortified.  Solona paused at the corner and took a quick peek at the enemy.  There were half a dozen turians with shotguns clustered around the far door.  A dozen or so humans were hiding behind boxes.

"Vasilisk, I suggest Borlin fires grenades at the far targets.  I can remove the cover so the rest of you can fire freely," said Solona.  Tela nodded and they took their positions.

Solona raised a barrier around herself and walked around the corner.  The humans immediately started firing at her.  Jaxum Borlin ducked around the corner and sent a grenade flying at the turians.  It exploded in the middle of the group and sent shrapnel slicing through their shields.  Solona lifted the boxes being used as cover, exposing the human mercs to her teams fire.

Lifting the boxes strained her concentration and her barrier fell.  She braced herself as rounds started hitting her shields.  They dropped in only a few seconds and the rounds chewed at her armor.  She felt a sharp pain as one bullet penetrated her chest piece.

She slammed the boxes she was still holding in the air into the mercs.  She drew her submachine gun and sent a burst at the nearest merc before moving back behind cover.  She slid her hand over her right side and it came back up covered in blue blood.

"I'm hit, center mass.  Gonna need a medic over here," Solona said into her radio.  Elani quickly rolled across the hallway.  Her omni-tool flared to life and she waved it over Sol's wound.  Elani looked at the screen for a moment and then grimaced.

"Nothing vital hit, but the bullet is still in there.  It'll have to be dug out back on the ship.  Until then, let the suit's medigel work on it," said Elani.  After a few more seconds, the automated systems kicked in and released the miracle substance over the wound. Both turians peeked around the corner and fired at the remaining mercs.  Jaxum sent another grenade down the hallway.  The humans Sol had knocked down got back to their feet, but only for as long as it took her to send a series of shockwaves down the hall.

With the hall cleared, they moved up again.  At the door, Lahere went to work on its encryption.  He broke through after thirty seconds.  The moved into a wide store room.  At the far end was a batarian attempting to wipe the computer system.

Saris shouldered her sniper rifle and took a shot at him.  His shields flickered but didn't die.  Solona figured that this was the commander of the operation.  She stored her assault rifle and prepared for a leap to the batarian.  She drew her fist back as she charged and sheathed it in biotic energy.  She threw the punch as she impacted the ground right next to him.  The added momentum from the charge put even more force into her swing.  His armor fractured, as did every bone in his chest.  He flew into the wall and fell to the floor.

Lahere and Elani immediately started hacking the computers.  Within a few minutes, they were ready to leave.  Jaxum placed a target locator on the equipment and they quickly left the building.  The patrol that had passed them before engaged the strike team.  After a short firefight, a shuttle picked them up just outside the door.  On the return to the ship, they passed by a pair of disruptor torpedoes launched to destroy the facility.

On the ship, Lahere and Elani turned the data over to waiting techs for decryption.  Solona waved off a stretcher and walked towards the medbay.  The rest of the team dispersed and headed to their quarters.

A few minutes after Sol entered the medbay, the Captain came in and said, "Solona Vyrnnus, I'm placing you in charge of the cabal.  From recent debriefs, you seem to be calling the shots anyway."

Solona nodded and said, "Thank you, sir.  Tela is a good tactician, but I thought she was too cautious.  I'll make her my second."

The captain said, "Get yourself back to 100%.  And try not to get shot again."

Sol chuckled and said, "I'll do my best, sir.  I don't care for the experience."

The End

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