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Week One

The first day of training was fairly simple.  Solona had to learn how to activate her biotics at will.  So, she was largely doing flexibility exercises with electrodes attached to her body.  They were apparently very sensitive, as they picked up her nerve impulses.  Soon, her entire nervous system was displayed on Pavan's omnitool.

Pavan cleared her throat before saying, "Okay, Solona, I want you to clear your mind.  Don't think about anything.  Now, open your eyes.  You see the ball on the table, right?" Solona nodded and Pavan continued, "Okay, you shoot left handed, right?  Reach out with your right arm and move the ball.  We know you can do it, we just don't know which nerves make it happen."

It took Sol several minutes of moving her arm to make the sphere start to quiver.  She did the same movement again, this time with more enthusiasm.  The sphere actually lifted a few inches off the table.  She moved her arm again - trying to make it move a little higher.  Instead, it dropped to the table.  Solona sighed and look to Pavan.

Pavan was taking a few notes and saving the nerve patten on her omnitool.  She looked up and said, "That was really good Solona.  Okay, let's try it with the left arm now.  We're just setting a baseline and setting up a training regimen."

Solona managed it much quicker this time, her confidence having been boosted by her previous success.  After that, they moved on to trying to move the ball around a little.  Another three hours mapped out a push, a pull, and side to side movement.  It also left her feeling drained and hungry.

She asked Pavan about it, and she thought for a moment before saying, "It comes with being a biotic.  We use a lot of energy firing the nerves to make things move.  It gives us quite an appetite.  The officers hate having to take us out for dinner after a particularly successful mission," the last sentence brought a smile to Pavan's face before she continued, "We do, however, get larger rations, so we don't lose effectiveness.  You'll get used to it soon."  They both headed to the mess hall.


Week Three

The first two weeks had revealed all of her abilities.  She could knock targets aside with a shockwave, or tear them apart with warp.  She could stop projectiles with a barrier.  She was also one of the rare biotics with the ability to charge enemies.

All of this meant she would largely be a biotic specialist once she finally got in the field.  A Cabal had to be able to do anything, but each member still had a specialty.  Since most turian biotics weren't exceptionally powerful, most didn't even have a true biotic specialist.  Her unit would be lucky, since they could focus a little more on their specific areas instead of biotics.

She was no where near being trained, however.  Her warp barely scratched a steel plate, and she could only charge a few meters.  Everything would require practice to help develop the powers.  That would encompass almost all of her remaining training.

So, she was currently lifting a sphere - larger than the original one - about three feet off of the floor.  She moved it towards a small obstacle course.  This was about the most complex training she was currently undergoing.  Now, just to move the ball through to the other side... there she thought.  She only touched the wall a couple of times, which was pretty good.

"Your doing really good Solona.  Most trainees take almost a month to even get to the larger sphere.  I think you're ready for a step up," said Pavan.  She walked over to a storage cabinet and got out another sphere.  Saris looked at it for a moment, then reached out with her left arm and lifted it into the air.

She brought the other sphere back towards her and then started moving them together.  Then, she separated them and started moving them in different patterns.  She was starting to tire, though, so she gently lowered them to the ground.

Pavan said, "Impressive.  We may have to come up with something else to challenge you..."


Week Six

Solona was now up to moving five spheres around in her telekinesis training.  Some days, Pavan used her own biotics to try to interfere with Solona's.  Others, Solona practiced her barrier with small objects thrown by Pavan.  Today, she was going to start a new "little experiment" Pavan had put together.

Solona had been practicing her other abilities, and could now charge about fifteen meters.  She had even biotically jumped a few times to a height of about five meters.  Apparently, this little experiment was going to use all of her abilities.

So, she walked to one of the large hangers that normally housed shuttles, but could hold a frigate.  It was filled with stacks of boxes now.  Saris looked around for a moment, then trying to find an area where she could get a better look at the rest of the room.  Finally spotting what she was looking for, she threw herself to the top and looked out over the hanger.  The boxes had appeared to be just strewn about, but now she saw an obstacle course.  A big obstacle course.

Pavan opened a comm channel and said, "Sol, I'm going to turn on the lights on some of the containers, and I want you to get through the course.  Right now, there is nothing to worry about, just the containers.  If this shows promise, I might be able to get some more challenges put in."

The lights lit up and Solona jumped down to run to the first.  She jumped and climbed on top of a box, then threw herself across a wide aisle to another.  She jumped down and sprinted towards another container.  Another jump, then another.  Now, she had a fairly long and straight line.  She drew in her strength for a moment, then charged a good twenty meters - a new record - before sprinting the rest of the distance.

Thoroughly winded, Sol stood there for a moment.  She looked back at the course she had just run and all but beamed with pride.  She didn't think many people could even attempt it.  Her time wasn't bad either, about two minutes and fifteen seconds.  She did the course again in reverse, then left the room.  She was absolutely exhausted now.  However, it appeared that Pavan had one more little surprise waiting for her.

"Solona, these people will be in your cabal.  So, allow me to introduce Saris Kryik, scout; Lahere Tanus and Elani Iheras, tech specialists; Jaxum Borlin, heavy weapons and explosives expert; and Tela Vasilisk, squad leader.  Everyone, this is Solona Vyrnnus, biotic specialist.  You are each the best biotics in your specialties, so you will be taking part in a new training simulation.  Solona has already been through a basic, streamlined version today," Pavan turned to Solona and said, "What did you think of the course?"

"I'll say this, it's pretty difficult.  I think it pushed me past my limits.  And all I did was charge a few times and run a short distance.  If you'll excuse me, I am absolutely starving right now."  Everyone chuckled and they all went to the mess hall.  It now appeared that Sol would not be alone in this experiment.  That was good news, as she now had someone to compare her self to.


Week Thirteen

The cabal stood in full armor with full kit at the starting area.  The obstacle course had gotten a major overhaul the week before.  They didn't know everything they would encounter, but the lights had been shut off and they were supposed to clear the room of hostiles.  These hostiles would mostly be mechs, but the cabal had to move quietly for as long as possible.  So, Saris would be the person to lead today.  She had a stealth generator, after all.  The rest of them would cover her until they were cleared to open fire.

Saris activated her cloaking device and entered the course.  The others hung back for a few seconds and then jumped down.  They flared their biotics for a moment to lighten them and slow the fall, landing silently.  Moving along slowly, they found several mechs that had been stabbed with a knife - perhaps not enough to disable the mech, but enough to kill an organic - and one that had been hit with biotics.  Saris was apparently very good at her specialty.

Many mechs later, they heard muffled sounds from up ahead.  Saris must have been discovered, so they rushed forwards to assist.  Saris had been forced to her knees, and several mechs had guns pointed at her head.  It appeared she had already been hit several times with a rifle butt.

The team paused for about half a second before Solona said, "Lahere, throw a barrier around her.  I'll get the mechs in the air, then we'll have to go loud," she paused, then glanced at Tela before saying, "If that's alright, squad leader."

Tela nodded and said, "Go."  Solona could hear a bit of anger in the voice, but it wasn't her fault.  After all, it was fairly ingrained in Sol after seven months of boot camp as a team leader. 

There was no time for hesitation, so Sol lifted the mechs into the air.  Several shots were fired - from the mechs and the team - and she let the mechs fall back to the ground.  They moved forward quickly, most of them securing the area for a moment, and Elani - who had some medic training - checked on Saris.  The whole thing was a ruse of course, but they were practicing standard procedure.

"She's well enough, let's get moving," said Elani after a moment, helping Saris back to her feet.  The gunfire would certainly draw attention, so they were now in seek and destroy mode.

Solona was good at search and destroy.

The End

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