The Accident part 2Mature

A shuttle brought the injured and dead to the planet.  A call for all medics to report to the infirmary drew a lot of attention.  Most of the combat simulations had ended for the day, and a lot of trainees gathered near the infirmary to see what was going on.

Many trainees were throwing out guesses about what the situation was.  Some believed survivors from a battle were being brought in for medical treatment.  Others thought a combat simulation had turned bloody.  A few trainees were being taught how to run the communications systems and had heard about an explosion in an orbiting ship.  The base commander walked towards the group and they quieted quickly.

He cleared his throat before saying, "As some of you may have heard, there was an explosion in orbit.  The cruiser Indomitable suffered damage to the engineering section.  Six trainees were killed and a dozen wounded.  A catastrophic explosion was averted by the actions of trainee Solona Vyrnnus.  We will have a short memorial service tomorrow for those lost in this tragic accident.  Please return to your bunks."

The trainees had no choice but to return to their rooms.  They would have to find out more details in the morning.  Some of the turians at the end of the line saw the bodies being brought in from outside.


Solona woke up from a coma two days after the accident.  Her head still hurt like hell and the bright lights overhead weren't helping.  She rolled over and felt a sharp pain in her back.

The doctor walked over to her and said, "Don't move too much, you took some hard hits up there.  Saved the ship though."

"Ugh... my head feels horrible..." said Solona.

"Yeah, you dented the bulkhead.  I'm going to keep you here a couple more days, make sure there isn't any major trauma," said the doctor.

And two days later, she felt well enough to return to her training.  Today was hand to hand combat practice with the teams fighting each other.  Yellow team was paired with Red team, and Solona, as squad leader, would fight Red team's squad leader, a trainee named Pax.

They warmed up with a few practice rounds, which caused Solona's headache to return.  She wasn't about to quit though.  She fought through the pain as the actual sparring began.

She quickly won two rounds, but her headache was getting worse.  She tried to duck a blow, but instead took it to the head.  She stumbled slightly, but then came back with a fist of her own.  It hit Pax squarely in the chest and he fell to the ground.

Solona held out a hand to help him to his feet, but he didn't take it.  As she looked down at him, her expression turned to horror as she noticed the blood pouring from his mouth.  She didn't think she had hit him that hard.

"Medic!  Medic!" she yelled.  The medic walked towards her casually until he noticed Pax laying on the ground.  The medic rushed to the young turian's side and began checking his vitals with an omni-tool.  The picture brought back memories from a few months prior that sent Solona to her knees as she told Pax she was sorry again and again.

An instructor rushed over and said, "Okay, okay, clear out.  We'll continue later," he pointed to two nearby MP's and they came over.  He quietly said, "Take her to the brig.  We may have a situation here."

The End

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