Worst day of my life...Mature

It had turned out to be a great day.  Solona had spent a couple of hours with her friends before going to the military demonstration.  That had just finished and the sky was beginning to darken.  Everyone was taking a seat in the park to watch the fireworks.

"How long til the show starts?" asked Solona.

"It shouldn't be long now.  About ten minutes or so, I'd say," said her father.  Solona waited patiently.  Soon enough, the show started.  It was really impressive with lots of large mortars.  As the finale started, some of the fireworks seemed to explode on the ground.  Then, the explosions moved through the crowd.

Soon after, gunfire joined the explosions.  Mass accelerator rounds screamed through the air, one striking Solona's mother in the head.  Several more tore into Sol's best friend, who happened to be sitting right next to her.

"Shit... stay with them, Sol.  Keep pressure on the wounds.  I'll go get help," said her father.  He returned a minute later with a medic.  The medic glanced at Sol's mother before moving on to her friend.  She was wheezing and he did what he could with medigel.

Several more people approached, who they assumed to be other soldiers trying to evacuate everyone.  They stood back in the darkness for a moment, then raised their guns.  Solona screamed as they opened fire.  The medic was hit several times and her father was crippled by a shot to the spine.  Solona fell as she felt shots hit her shoulder and leg.

She tried to stay still as she looked around.  She glanced back at the medic and saw his pistol still clipped to his belt.  She slowly reached out and grabbed it.  The soldiers she had seen earlier moved closer to check the bodies.  She took aim and fired, striking one of them in the head.  He fell back and she shot several more times, sending the others ducking to the ground.

They quickly got back to their feet and charged at her, only to be cut down from behind.  The legion that had performed the demonstration earlier had managed to get organized.  The turians moved forwards, carefully stepping around the bodies.

"Looks like batarians, Sergeant," said one of the soldiers.  He looked up and saw movement, prompting him to raise his rifle.

"Identify, or I'll shoot," he yelled at her.

"Spirits, Sanus, can't you tell a turian  from a batarian?  She's friendly, put you weapon down," said the sergeant.  He walked forwards and knelt down next to her before saying, "Here, it'll be okay.  What's your name."

"S-Solona Vyrnnus," she stammered.

"Okay, Solona, I'm Lantar.  Who did you come here with?" said Lantar.  She looked over at her parents and pointed.  He reached down and turned her head back to look at him.

"Don't look Solona.  We're going to get you out of here, okay?" he said.  He activated his omnitool and waved it over her wounds, applying some medigel to numb the pain.  He then lifted her up into his arms and stood.

"Sanus, you're on point.  Head to the shelter," said Lantar.  Solona wrapped her arms around and closed her eyes.

This is the worst day of my life thought Solona before she blacked out.

The End

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