Mass Effect: The HierarchyMature

This is an examination of turian society. It will include explosions and gun fights.

Solona Vyrnnus woke up early.  It was only a few days until her fifteenth birthday, and she could hardly contain her excitement.  She would finally get to start her basic training.  She laid in bed for another hour before getting up.  She went to the kitchen and made herself some breakfast.  With her food on her plate, she casually walked to the living room and started reading as she ate.

The final week before turning fifteen was a sacred time to the turians.  It was seen as one's last chance to be a child.  They also got their facial tattoos a week before their birthday. 

Solona looked up at the mirror on the wall.  Her colony's tattoo was a very large white pattern that covered the whole face and fringe.  Her skin was still a little red from the acid used to take the top layer of plating off.  Well, it was a little more red than normal.  The color would return to its natural hue as the plating grew back.

Her father walked into the room and stood over her.  She looked up at him and made the turian equivalent of a smile.  He smiled back and walked around in front of her.

"You know, the founding festival is tonight.  I hear they are having a fire works show.  Do you want to go?" he said.

"Aren't they doing things all day as well?" she asked.

"Yes, there are supposed to be games and a demonstration from the military.  I think all of your friends are going," replied her father.

"Let's go as soon as mom is up," said Solona excitedly.  Today was going to be a great day indeed.

The End

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