Kryik: Final Assault

"Admiral Hacket here, we can't find a stealth ship we can reassign.  All frigates are currently scouting batarian territory.  You're going to have to try and overwhelm the dreadnought with numbers.  We can have additional ships in the area within a day," said Hacket.

"That's no good.  Our intelligence says the only major system left to complete is propulsion, and they are mostly done with it.  We have to strike now if we are to have a chance at taking it out," said Sanus.

"Then good luck.  Hacket out."


"Sanus Kryik to all ships, strike hard and keep moving.  Focus your fire on that super dreadnought."

The Nihlus, at the front of the fleet, accelerated towards the dreadnought.  The Thanix cannons fired and fired, but the kinetic barriers on the dreadnought continued to hold.  As they drew within a few kilometers of each other, the Nihlus dove under its target and fired at a cruiser, destroying it.  As they came around, several ships fired on the Nihlus, knocking weapons and shields offline.

To evade more damage, the ship wove through the carnage around it.  Numerous turian and human ships were damaged or destroyed.  The Perugia was among those damaged, and Sanus wondered if Megan was okay.

"Nihlus to the fleet, focus all fire on that ship.  We are overcharging our weapons to pierce its armor," said Sanus.

Megan's voice replied over the channel, "We almost have them.  All ships close and fire torpedoes."

A large group of ships flew towards the dreadnought, focusing their fire in a very small area.  After a few volleys of torpedoes, the shields finally failed.  Sanus ordered the Nihlus to come about and head towards the large hanger.

"Give the engines everything we've got left then get to the escape pods.  I'll take the ship in and take out that dreadnought," ordered Sanus.

"Yes sir.  And Captain," said his first officer, "Good luck."

Sanus moved to the pilot's seat and took over.  He dodged gunfire until he was within thirty kilometers, then he headed straight towards the power core by way of the hanger.  The remaining turian and human ships cleared the area just before the ships collided.  Sanus closed his eyes at impact.

The Nihlus easily penetrated the thin armor of the hanger doors.  Large pieces of the hull struck fuel and ammunition stores as the main body continued deep inside.  Secondary explosions spread throughout the ship before causing a feedback of energy in the main reactor.

The resulting explosion vaporized everything within twenty kilometers of the dreadnought.  Several disabled allied ships were destroyed.  The battle had finally ended.

The End

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