Megan: Hunting Batarians

"I feel like we're on a scavenger hunt..." Megan muttered, after Sanus returned to the Nihlus.

Greyfields, admittedly the only human she has had a decent conversation with since joining and leaving the turians, sent her a fleeting glance. "Scavenger hunt? You're a colony kid, aren't you?"

"Don't be so shocked," the biotic replied. Still watching from her place on the bridge, Megan kept her eyes on the monitors for any incoming attacks. About twenty minutes ago, Perugia and the fleet encountered another group of batarian frigates, or "stragglers" as there were only a few and all had damaged shields. At one point, they attempted to run once again, but Sanus' ship was too fast. Debris was all that was left. Since then, Megan stayed calm and braced for anything else to come while taking in the nostalgia that came with being on an Alliance ship for the first time in a while.  

Greyfields was a surprise. A bit relentless in his pursuit, but the biotic shrugged it off as something that came in the heat of battle or another common quirk in an Alliance soldier's personality. Besides, Megan was at least pleased by his willingness to have a conversation. There was a void to fill as they continued onward with their search - a bigger one since the news Sanus gave them.

"I'm not shocked. You have that...colony look about you," the captain said, leaning over the shoulder of an ensign. 

"You mean I have leaves in my hair and smell of sunshine and grease? Figures," she scoffed. There was a stifled chuckle shared among the bridge crew, but the moment was interrupted by a beeping sound, alerting them to an incoming target.

"Scanners picking up a batarian cruiser, sir," announced the ensign Greyfields was looking over. One more alarm went up, and then another, and soon a chain of beeps filled the bridge, piercing the stillness that was once present. Those stationed at the monitors were scuffling in their seats. The Perugia's pilots looked especially distressed, trying to figure out a course for them to take without running into more batarians.

"What the hell is going on?!" Their captain roared over the alarms.

One of them replied, "Cruisers, sir, and - ugh! - a few carriers! Frigates coming are way too!"

"Have the turians engaged yet? What of the rest of our fleet?" Megan demanded before the captain could say anything.

"The turians are scattered, trying to separate the batarians," someone answered over the all noise, "ours are awaiting your command, Capin'!"

Greyfields stood silent for a moment, weighing the options that lay before him on the screens. Megan was just staring at him, either about to scream or choke on her own voice; it was hard to tell from the woman's astonished expression. The overwhelming feeling of uselessness made everything even more difficult for her to handle, and it destroyed the composed attitude she tried to keep.

Finally, the man shouted, "Head for the carriers! The turians can handle the cruisers." Everything that followed after was a blur of adrenaline; alarms went off here and there, more yelling, and the shakes that quaked through Perugia. One of the blasts sent Megan flying into a chair, a harsh grunt of her own rippling through all the panic.

One cruiser went down, then another and one after that. The turians were doing fine, but the biotic was more concerned with the Nihlus. Anymore major damages to that ship, and who knows what might happen to them. The Alliance fleet on the other hand was handling the frigates coming from the batarian cruisers. At the end of this one battle, there would likely be more causalities on their side than their allies, but the fleet was wining as far as Megan could tell.

After what felt like one prolonged hour of fighting, the Perugia quieted down and alarms were no longer going off. The biotic became still in the seat that she was involuntarily flung into. Her expression was one of utter shock and strange hilarity that was familiar only to her. "Well...that was fun," she breathed out in a shaky voice, "Let's never do that again,"

Greyfields looked unimpressed with her response and directed his attention to another crewmember. "How's everyone holding up? Any casualties? Or damages?"

"No main systems are down on the Perugia, but our outer haul took some blows. Nothing major though. Kinetic barriers are recharging," one ensign, equally shaken as Megan, replied.

"And the rest of the fleet?"

"Two frigates are gone, sir," A moment of silence passed, but Greyfields broke it, "And the turians?"

"Scans say that they're up to par, sir. No ships lost on their side." Megan unconsciously sighed in relief at the news. The repairs were being carried out through the fleet as they continued on.

After the tremors of astonishment passed through her, the biotic asked, "How is that stealth ship coming along, Captain?"

Greyfields irritated expression whipped the lazy grin off her face. "You might not be under my direct command, Sergeant, but I can have you locked up in the med-bay."

"Try it and I'll smear the wall with you," was the unheard quip from Megan. Just then, a less distressing sound emitted from one of the stations. "In coming message from the Alliance, Captain," said a woman.

Greyfields nodded. "I'll take it in the meeting room. When I call for you, open comn links to the Nihlus. They might want to join in," he gestured to Megan, "Kane? If you would..."

The biotic got up and followed, hoping the following news would be good. Whatever good was at this point.

The End

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