Kryik: New Intel

After some repairs to major systems had been completed, Sanus took a shuttle to the SSV Perugia.  He was led to the bridge and then to a conference room where the human Captain and Sergeant Kane waited.  Several other humans stood and left the room as Sanus entered.

"Captain Greyfields, I have received startling new intel from one of our scouts.  We have taken out about three fifths of the batarian fleet, but they have a... what's that human expression... an ace up their sleeve.  In a nearby system, they have a five kilometer long dreadnought under construction.  There is no way that we can penetrate the shields of their super-dreadnought," said Sanus.

"Five kilometers?  The main gun on that thing could take out one of our dreadnoughts, easily. Even our entire combined fleets would take serious casualties assaulting that thing.  Damn it!" said the Captain.

"I have a plan, but we need your help.  The Nihlus took a serious hit before you arrived.  It knocked out our stealth system, and it will take at least three months in dock to repair it.  If you can get us a stealth ship and some people willing to risk their lives to take that monster down, I think I can get us on board.  From their, we can set explosives to blow it up from the inside," replied Sanus.

"Even with a stealth ship, there's no way you could get close enough to dock with it," said Kane.

"No, not dock with it.  But we could do a zero-g insertion.  It's risky, and likely suicide, but the lives of a few commandos is better than having planets decimated by that dreadnought," said Sanus.

"What about those defensive platforms you told me about before?  Aren't those still a problem?" asked Megan.

"No, that was bad intel, as it turns out.  We sent a small scouting force to the planet to assess the defenses.  Those platforms are just empty hulls with some lighting to make them look inhabited," said Sanus.

"I'll see what I can do about getting another stealth ship.  Until then, we'll just hunt some batarians," said Captain Greyfield.

The End

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