Megan: It's What Humans Do

She had her doubts, certainly, but the three came to their decision. The batarian force was simply too reckless and too dangerous to ignore on at this point, especially since they targeted the turians. When a guard escorted her back to the "behind-the-scenes" room, Anderson's hologram was no longer there and it seemed as though the remaining two were within agreement. The following explanations and orders were given to her in a curt manner and the only replies from Megan were nods. "You'll be stationed on the SSV Perugia for the time being, Kane," Hackett had said, walking her to the shuttle assigned to take her off world, and quickly.

 "I doubt you'd want to miss this."

Again, no words came from her, but as the biotic took her steps into vehicle, the Admiral was the one that bided her goodbye and said, "The Alliance will get a lot attention for this. Mostly negative. Just make sure that the casualties aren't high on our side. And the turian's."

Megan glanced at the man and saluted him, knowing damn well she might not do much if they're too late, but for now, she silently counted her blessings as the shuttle lifted from the ground and her only goal was set before the biotic: Make sure the turians win.


It seemed they came just in time too. The Perugia led the small, but powerful, fleet at head point, ready to take the first shot. Which they did when three batarians readied for another round of power upon a ship, already damaged. It took a moment or two for her to realize it but their target was the Nihlus and she knew the body count would go up if they didn't act.

Within a split second, Megan startled expression was the set off for the cruiser's captain to call upon his crew, "Open fire on those bastards! Defend the turians!" he screamed.  The ship shook with rapture as the guns began to discharge, and for some it looked as if the humans' aim was off as flashes and bolts of light scattered around, towards their target, but if one cruiser did not hit the batarians, another did. Unfortunately for their enemies, the shock-wave of a surprise attack came too quickly for those targeting the Nihlus to react and switch targets.

The debris that was left of those three ships drifted through space as the Alliance moved in, acting as cavalry to the turians. If a person experienced or knew of the First Contact War, this might have been ironic, but whatever prejudice and tension the two races had was forgotten in the heat of battle.

One frigate went down, then a cruiser and another. The Alliance force proved to be far too strong for the batarians to hold back so they began to retreat, and yet, few got far enough to escape the guns of the Perugia. The humans won the battle before it even begun for them, and lively roar of triumph travelled among the younger crew members aboard the cruiser while the captain smiled in satisfaction.

Soon enough, a helmsman called for his attention, "Capin', the turians opened a channel."

"This is Sanus Kryik, Captain of the Nihlus," a voice had said. A load of pressure and anxiety lifted off the biotic's shoulders as she inwardly sighed in relief, eager to listen to her former commander. "Formalities aside, I'm happy to see the Alliance here."

"And I'm glad to see your all in one piece," the human captain smirked. "I am Captain Greyfields, of SSV Perugia. How bad are your damages?"

"Grave, I suppose. But all primary and weapon systems are online and kinetic barriers recharging." Something he said made the biotic very much doubt they were really in one whole piece, but she stayed quiet, listening. Bits of intel and summaries were shared among the two soliders, as, Megan imagined, turians scattering aboard their ships to tend to what they were dealt in the ended battle. The humans on the other hand were in no danger of system malfunctions, even though the woman still heard the scuffle of crew members, checking their own power levels and shields. "So far, so good," she muttered to herself.

"Megan?" Sanus voice over the channel grabbed her attention and prying ears, "You brought much needed reinforcements, Kane."

Greyfields glanced at the officer of lower rank, noticing her pinched, slightly annoyed (but amused) expression. "What can I say," she began, sharing the man's previous grin from before, "I tried and succeeded. It happens."

 "I expected it," was the turian's flat reply, but the conversation returned to the human male, "Captain Greyfields...I suppose we should move quickly before the batarians forget about us."

The biotic snorted, shrugging at the direction of the captain. "Now we wouldn't want that, would we?"

The End

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