Kryik: Ambushed!

The turian fleet emerged from FTL near their target.  A small force of batarian ships rushed forward to engage the turians.  After a quick volley of fire, the batarians turned and raced towards the planet.

The Nihlus lead a group of frigates in pursuit while the main force lagged slightly behind.  As Nihlus drew closer, Sanus ordered his group to fire their main guns.  The batarians were destroyed save for a single ship.  The Nihlus slowly gained on it and fired another shot into it.

Just as the batarian ship exploded, a huge fleet jumped in right behind the turians.  Chaos ensued as the turians attempted to form a battle line.  Numerous ships were lost and a frigate crashed into one of the dreadnoughts.  The batarians took advantage of the disarray by destroying several cruisers.

Sanus ordered the Nihlus to come about.  The ship blew through the enemy fleet, disabling or destroying several ships with its Thanix cannons.  However, the frigates escorting her were all forced to break away to evade destruction.  Three cruisers targeted the Nihlus and opened fire with their main guns.  Three shots impacted and bounced off of the upgraded kinetic barriers.

Two shots from the next volley missed the ship, but the third crashed through the shields and impacted the hull.  The shot punched a huge hole through port side of the ship.  The damage caused Nihlus to lose propulsion and spiral off course.

The batarians came around for another pass, but several mass accelerator rounds destroyed the ships.  The Systems Alliance had arrived, and they meant business.

The End

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