Megan: Still Big and Blue

Most would assume that being a human Megan would know everything about Earth. That wasn't exactly true. She was colony-born; her knowledge of the human planet was not vast since her life, until now, focused on her home colony, her progression in the Alliance, and her former trainees. In fact, this was the first time the biotic had ever visited the Blue Planet since her enlistment.

She arrived nearly two hours ago and already, men without names, aside from their ranks, secured and transported her to meet the important officials of the Alliance and Earth. Admittedly, Megan felt quite important for once in her life. Becoming a soldier simply seemed like the best idea for her since being a biotic gave her very limited life choices and colony-living wasn't the ideal paradise as many Earth-bound humans imagine.  So playing a vital part in an, what she believed to be, upcoming war made her feel satisfied with what she's done with her life.

When they arrived at their destination, there were no words she could use to describe the beauty of the building and the planet. Earth had come a long way from what the olds vids detailed and pictured.

"This way please, Sergeant Kane." A solider gestured. Megan inwardly smiled at that; it's been a long time since anyone referred to her by her rank.

The chamber room was grand, vast, and, to say the least, frightening. Luckily, the "pleading" did not take place in the council room, where Alliance and other human politicians held their meetings. Before arriving, Megan assumed that the military would be very quiet about whatever involvement they may have with the newly uncovered batarian-turian conflict (and that is not stating the pervious tensions and disasters the two sides shared at the cause of each other) and the plot that expelled the turians from the Council.

She was, once again, lead to another room. Waiting for her were the few faces the recent age of Alliance trainees and recruits knew very well: the current Human Councilor, David Anderson (who was present as a hologram); the famous solider, Admiral Hackett; and current Head Chairman of Human and Alien Relations, Sophia Camford.

Megan silently thanked herself for dressing in her dress blues before the meeting.

"Sergeant Megan Louisa Kane," smiled Camford, her British accent subtle and thin. She walked up to her, red hair framing the wrinkles around her forehead and dimples, and lent out her hand for Megan to shake. "It's nice to meet you."

"Hello, ma'am," the other woman dryly replied, avoiding eye contact with the men who stood in the background, seemingly brooding together.

"I wish we did not have to meet under these circumstances, but I suppose I cannot help it." Again, Sophia smiled, being naturally pleasant and subtle. Despite her good nature, Megan did not want to start with small talk. The only thing she really wanted was to get back on the Nihlus with her alien crew.

Megan nodded again as Councilor Anderson began to speak. "Putting all pleasantries aside, you've put yourself in quite the position, Sergeant."

"Only because I wanted to, sir."

"To have a sense of humor at a time like this is extraordinary, Kane, and partially refreshing," said Hackett, while Anderson frowned, "But we must discuss the matter at hand.

"Your placement on a turian team was...unorthodox to say the least, but it was allowed in order to avoid strained relationships between the Alliance and the Turian military and to get an inside look on what exactly the turians were doing after their expulsion from the Council.

You avoided giving us the info we wanted in what little reports you sent in.  But, we can debrief you later on your experience with the turians. Now we need to decide the Alliance's role in this. Comford?"

The woman turned to the hologram and the Admiral, "Yes...The attacks on our colonies, and others, were blamed on the turians while in actuality they were not at fault. Now they're mad and want blood, is that correct Sergeant?"

"Yes...that's the about it." Megan awkwardly replied.

" now our assistance against this threat would be basically stating we want war against the batarians, yes? Lovely," the older woman, sighed looking back at the two men. "You do realize what relations we have with them will be severed if it does come to down to exchanging gunfire if we do indeed offer Alliance assistance?"

"Yes, of course," Hackett replied, no hint of sarcasm at the fact that Comford just stated the obvious, "But if we do nothing, the Turian government will like us a lot less than they do now."

Stepping out of her place, Megan interrupted, "The Council may not even agree to lend their own forces, and it would just be war between the turians and the batarians if that were the case."

"Point taken. Anderson?" Hackett said.

"I can't give my opinion to the Council without being biased, Hackett. And with the Alliance now being the main military arm of the Citadel..." briefly, he paused and looked directly at Kane, "Please Sergeant, we must make our decision in private. If you will..." He gestured for the guards to take her away.  Now all she had to do was wait, and worry for the Nihlus and its crew.

The End

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