Kryik: Second Strike

"Captain, ETA to the relay is 15 minutes," said the pilot.

"Good," replied Sanus as he looked over the shoulders of several of his crewmen.  A few minutes passed in silence as they waited for the FTL jump.  A light began blinking at one of the consoles.

"We are receiving a fleet wide transmission from the Honorbound," said the crewman at the station.

"Patch it through," ordered Sanus.  The Honorbound was the dreadnought leading the attack.  A transmission from the flagship undoubtedly meant plans had changed.

"This is Admiral Oraka.  Our preemptive strike is no longer preemptive.  I have just received word that a batarian fleet has attacked Parthia.  They engaged our fleet head on with indiscriminate mass accelerator fire.  Thousands are dead on the planet below.  This is no longer a show of force to make the batarians back down.  This is open war.  Council reinforcements or not, the batarians will pay for this.  Our rules of engagement have changed: Fire at will.  That is all," said an imposing voice over ship-wide communications.

"Those bastards!" yelled an officer as he slammed his fist into his console.

"Easy soldier.  We're going to make them regret this," said Sanus, resting his hand on the man's shoulder.

"I know sir, but I'm from Parthia.  My wife and son..." He trailed off as he thought about what could have happened to them.

Sanus could think of nothing to say.  He didn't know what the man was experiencing because he didn't have a family of his own.  He stood there for a moment before walking away.  He suddenly had a bad feeling about this mission.

The End

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