Megan: Off to War, We Go

Sanus' speech was inspiring to say the least. When the first of his words breached the silence of the comms, everyone stood at attention and listened to their commander's voice overheard. Even Megan, the human of the ship, who sat idly by in the armory stopped her work and joined the cluster of soldiers that began to form. They held up their necks up as though Sanus was there, speaking to them and not through the ship's comms.

When the speech ended, his men bowed their heads and looked prideful, almost eager for battle. But Megan did not share their empowered enthusiasm. Her expression was left blank as she made her way from lower deck to upper, her intended path ending at Sanus' office. In her hurried steps she passed the messenger who had been sent to find her without as much as sparing a glance at the alien. As the biotic entered the room, the two exchanged looks, both clearly adamant in keeping their faces as neutral as possible, although the conversation that followed left the biotic in a less than calm state.

"Glorious! Batarians have dozens of dreadnoughts, and now I have to run away to Earth and plead your case." She grunted, waving her hands up in mock excitement.

Another sigh came from the turian. "It is not my case, and you will not be doing any "pleading", as you call it. If the batarians intend to attack straight on, the Alliance forces would be greatly appreciated. I imagine battles will end quickly with their assistance."

For a brief moment Megan stopped pacing and scowled at Sanus, taking in his words. She said, "That's assuming that the Council agrees take the aggressive course of action."

"Yes. We only act when diplomacy ends. Or fails."

"Oh, that's comforting..."she muttered. Slowly, the biotic relaxed and seemed a bit more content than compared to when she first arrived. "When do I leave?"

After a brief silence, Sanus replied, "As soon as possible. A frigate will take you back to Earth."

Megan groaned, clearly saddened by the course of action token her. "I suppose I should go pack my bags. Clean my weapons. Ready myself for...whatever I'm about to go through." Curtly, she smiled to herself and turned around to leave.

Sanus stood from his seat, stretching his hand out for her to shake. "Kane, it's been an -" Cutting him off abruptly, she spoke before the office doors slid shut, "Sorry, sir, but save the heart-felt goodbyes and sappy tears for my funeral. And last I checked I'm not dead."  

And with that, the human left.  

The End

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