Kryik: Marching Orders

Sanus stepped out of the hardened bunker that functioned as the center of government on Palaven.  He took a breath of fresh air as he walked towards his waiting shuttle.  He had good news for his crew.  Well, at least most of his crew.

He went to the bridge of the Nihlus and got a status report.  All systems were running at optimal capacity and the ship was fully fueled and ready for launch.  Now is the right time for a speech thought Sanus.

"Open shipwide comms," Sanus ordered.  A few seconds later he said, "This is Captain Sanus Kryik.  The intelligence we recovered from the Blue Suns facility has lead us to the perpetrators of the colony attacks.  For too long the batarians have looked down at others and enslaved the free peoples of the galaxy.  They have gone to far.  Their reign of terror in the Terminus systems is coming to an end, immediately.  Our intelligence has likely convinced the Council that we were framed, and that the batarians must be dealt with.  They will send reinforcements eventually, but not before we have dealt a serious blow to their military forces.  We leave tonight with hundreds of ships to strike deep into their territory.  We will triumph over these scum."

With a pause for dramatic effect, he continued, "Prepare yourselves tonight, for tomorrow, we go to WAR!"

With that, he made a slashing motion, cutting communications.  He went to his office and called for Megan.  She arrived almost immediately after he sent for her, so she must have already been on her way.

"Kane, I hate to do this to you, but I can't take you on this mission.  It isn't because of the classified nature of it, but I need you to get the Alliance convinced that it is in their best interests to send forces before the Council approves of it.  They can just call it retaliation for the attacks," he said.

She replied, "But why would they want to do that?  It sounds like the turians are going to wipe the batarians out before the Council even starts debating."

With a sigh, Sanus said, "I might have exaggerated slightly.  While we are taking several hundred ships, the majority of our forces will be on patrol to make sure that none of our colonies are attacked.  We'll only have a few dreadnoughts, and most of the fleet will be cruisers.  We have some intelligence that shows that they have built defensive platforms around some of their planets.  Normally it wouldn't be that big of a problem, but these are basically just dreadnoughts without engines.  They have dozens of these platforms, and if they attach engines to them... It would not end well."

"So you're saying they could have dozens of dreadnoughts?" asked a shocked Megan.

The End

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