Megan: Road Trip!

It might have been the seventh or eighth time that the quarian has sighed in annoyance to the human's unsubtle questions and remarks. Being the young one of the group, it just seemed so much easier to tease her with knowing there would be not much of a reprisal. "How compact are those suits, anyway?" was another less than friendly question. Megan was currently escorting said quarian back to the Nihlus, taking the same route they used to cut through the Suns.

Without any idea of her facial expression, Megan guessed Mena was scowling. "What...? I don't...Why it that important?" was her squeaky reply.

There was a snicker coming from the biotic as she stifled it as best she could. Checking the corridor they were crossing through, Megan scouted ahead to insure that their previous path was indeed still secure. Pistol out, she motioned for the quarian girl to follow her.

"Is it so wrong for me to be curious?" Megan dryly said, winking childishly at her. Making an annoyed sound, Mena replied while carefully stepping through the glass window, "Turians are curious, elcor are curious, asari are curious, and now you're curious. Why is it that people are just biting to get a look of us out of our suits?"

Megan put her hand out for the other to take; she was being careful in order for Mena's suit not to be punctured by the debris left by the hole the biotic created during the attack (although any damage would have been unlikely to occur). Gradually, and cautiously, the two made their way through the facility without one Blue Sun encounter. Megan figured most were killed or somewhere in the building, attempting to escape without the security system (which was currently under the control of the turians) detecting them.

"I didn't say I wondered how you looked like; I asked how compact it was. But, honestly, if you were to take off that mask of yours, I'm afraid you'll turn into a fish out of water." Megan said, guiding her to the drop-off area that Sanus specified. Receiving no reply, the biotic unsurely explained, "Sorry, it's a human expression."

"'s kind of insulting," Mena bit out, not being as timid as one would expect, "But I get your meaning. I would probably start...swelling up. That is what your "fish" do out of water, correct?"

The biotic remained silent, until they reached the landing zone. Marking the area with red smoke, she called up to the ship via com-link, "Nihlus, we've reached the drop-zone. Awaiting pickup."

"Very well. Shuttle is away; the team is aboard and ready for search and destroy."

"Understood," Megan replied, cutting of the link. "Well, it seems that this is where our little bonding time ends, kid. Do us some good and hurry up. The commander looks like he's about to blow a gasket.  Oh wait...human expression. Sorry." And with that the shuttle, blowing away the leaves that littered the landing zone, reached them.


The remaining Suns in the facility were very much present, and despite hopes to find only dead bodies and nothing else, a dozen or more were held up in one of the cargo bays. Megan had led the group of turians to this point, shouting orders at them as if they were her students back at biotic boot camp. None were stubborn enough to ignore or disobey her, despite Megan being an Alliance soldier first rather than one of their own. "Careful, boys! The cargo above is loaded with explosives. Do try not to shoot at them." She said over the com.

A few snipers were lined up above them, shooting from the hangers while the Suns couldn't get to them. Megan, on the other hand, opted to shield coming firepower from her men as they pressed forward. Although she didn't take a single shot during the entire battle, one or two Suns got a little bluer and then a little dead once they met the ground.

Eventually, the last of the enemies was caught in a dead end with only a hanger door as their escape. Seeing as the Suns' engineers were dead or left behind with the rest of the wounded (meaning it would be very difficult to hack the door without an expert on hand), they were again pinned down by the turian force.

Considering this just didn't seem like fair game for her, Megan was willing to suggest a surrender. Positioned behind a crate with two men to her left, she yelled, "Give up and we won't put another bullet through your heads." The reply given was a bullet grazing her cheek. "Fine, have it your way. Finish them off!" And on her command, they pressed forward one final time with the last of the Suns lying dead on the ground.

Quickly ordering the team to examine the bodies and the wounded, Megan turned on her comlink to Sanus. "The facility is secure. Shall we return to the Nihlus?"

"No," Sanus began, sounding a bit overwhelmed, "Get back here immediately."

 "Yes, sir. But what about the wounded Suns?"                 

Contemplating for a moment he replied, "Bring them back for interrogation. I'll see you on board."

The End

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