Kryik: Hurry it up already.

Sanus was pacing back and forth, waiting for the console to unlock.  Mena'Zali had went to the ship a few minutes earlier, and he needed access now.  His impatience was getting the best of him.

He began venting his frustrations, "Honestly, how long does it take to unlock a damn console?  I need this information so I can relay it to the Hierarchy.  If she can't get this-" the console lit up and beeped.  He stopped and stared at the screen.  After a moment, he pressed a few buttons and displayed the navigational logs. 

The ship had been to all of the colonies that had been attacked.  After each attack, it jumped to another system, where it stayed for only a few hours.  After a few more buttons, he found the ships docking logs.  The frigate had docked with a ship after each attack.  He began downloading all of the information he could.

With the download in progress, he checked on his other teams.  Kane had managed to secure the rest of the facility, and his men had set demolition charges to destroy the ship.  Now he just had to wait a little longer.

"Captain, this is Nihlus.  We are picking up an incoming ship.  It's batarian.  Stealth system is active and we are ready to leave as soon as your team is aboard," said his first officer.

With a sigh, Sanus said, "I think everyone else heard that.  Everyone head to the shuttle."

The pilot brought the Nihlus a little closer to the planet to shorten the shuttle ride.  Sanus proceeded to the bridge, Megan in tow.

As he stepped out of the elevator, he heard alarms and, "What the...?  Damn, I cut it too close!"

"The batarians have detected us.  They're arming weapons!" 

"Taking evasive action."

"Arm weapons and bring us to an intercept course," ordered Sanus.

"Aye, Captian.  Moving to intercept, positioning for a hot attack run."

The batarian cruiser fired a shot from its main gun.  The Nihlus rolled to port, evading the projectile.  The enemy was well within range of the Thanix cannon, and turians don't miss.  A massive molten projectile flew directly into the center of the ship.  The sheer force tore the cruiser in half and detonated its fuel supply.

Debris flew in all directions.  Several pieces hit the kinetic barriers of the Nihlus, but none damaged the hull.  With the batarians defeated, the turians set a course towards Palaven, their home world.

The End

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