Megan: I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This…

The mission was moving smoothly. Sure, they couldn't go in head on, but that didn't stop them. As soon as the facility was breached, notice of their presence was unavoidable. The mercenaries came just as Megan and the rest expected. Her attention was spent mostly on keep herself at range, but not far enough that she couldn't react in time if Mena, who was currently shielded by a barrier of the biotic's creation, was attacked head on and was unable to unlock their only escape route. Luckily that didn't happen.  

The brief exchange of gunfire and biotic prowess ended abruptly when they retreated to unlocked room. Megan heard a few breathe a sigh of relief, while Mena and others with tech experience made sure the door was secure. The biotic narrowed her eyes as she watched them, recalling small details that just made themselves present.

Megan had heard Sanus' comment about the container in the storage area. It wasn't entirely shocking, but she never got any gossip or news updates detailing a Blue Suns attack on a colony. They were a band of mercenaries, but they weren't stupid. Attacking a colony was exciting news for the youths she used to train. It was either their sense of adventure or thrill-junkie attitudes that made ‘em all wound up about things like colonies being invaded or the Suns doing something that put them on the cover of news reports for a few hours until the next thing came along. If she didn't get her fill from her students, she would get it from people who talked a little too loudly. Nonetheless if the Blue Suns did do anything, she hadn't heard about it.

"What the hell?" she heard Sanus remark over the com-link. Megan snapped out of her focused thinking quickly then, and turned around to see what her turian commander was surprised about.

Her eyes widened. She was shocked as much as the turians were.  Standing before them, in all its glory, was a turian frigate.

In an instant, every clicked for Sanus. "The crates...The ship...The Suns...The Suns were all turians!" Megan shifted her eyes to a baffled Sanus. What was he on about? "Turians did attack those colonies, but they were mercenaries! We have to board that ship!" He shouted and ordered, just as the mines they set up exploded in the previous room.

His men didn't even hesitate. A few stayed back though making sure if any guards were alive and attempted to stop them again, they would only meet their deaths.

Despite the hustle and bustle of the soldiers, Megan didn't move as her eyes scanned the ship, clearly skeptical. Mena walked up and stood next to her, watching the human's face not even flinch as people moved around them. Megan looked at the girl momentarily, her expression sending no message other than bemusement of what was going on.

"Come on," the biotic said, roughly, gesturing the quarian to hurry up.

Aboard the ship, it seemed like it was all hands on deck. Even though none of them could do much besides examine the turian interior as if it was foreign and wait for orders. The turian, who led them through the battle, wasn't in such a mood. He was concentrating, but looked somewhat stressed.

"What have you found?" Megan said, entering the bridge of yet another alien ship. He turned his head curtly, but instantly went back to scanning the holographic documents floating in front of him with his eyes.

"Nothing. I can't access anything. My clearance is high enough to get something off of most turian ships, but this ship's computer is on lockdown and rejects every code and password I know."

This was a bad sign, Megan thought timidly. "Has the quarian hacked the computer's mainframe?"

"Attempting to," Mena said over the com. "But the firewall isn't exactly going down without a very nasty defense. I can't do much with my own portable programs, but if we transfer some files to the Nihlus, I might be able to override most of the systems from there with the help of our own computer."

"Are you certain?" Sanus wasn't one for taking risks. Or maybe he was. After all he did accept a quarian onto his crew...

"No, but it's the best I can do, sir." He didn't like the sound of that.

Sanus stood silent for a while, considering his options before his reply came. "Alright." He glanced at one of his men, immediately getting the soldier's attention. "Call for a shuttle to come down. I need a second team to clear out the remaining Suns and escort Mena'Zali to the Nihlus." He directed his attention back to the quarian over the com. "Take what you can. I would prefer a manual override, but if this is what needs to be done, then do it."

Sanus turned to Megan who was still standing behind him. His face looked rigid. "Kane, go with the quarian. Once she's onboard, go with the second team and look for what you can within the facility's archive."

The End

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