Kryik: What's THAT doing HERE?

While their approach was undetected, the enormous anti-aircraft batteries near the base prevented a hot drop on top of the base.  Instead, they landed several kilometers away and had to hike through a gap in the security.  Granted, that gap had yet to be created, but Sanus would handle that.

Their path led to a large hill.  Near the top, Sanus stopped the team and peeked over the top.  He saw a half dozen guards, all turians.  Curious he thought as he leveled his rifle.

One of the upgrades on his sniper rifle allowed it to easily punch through shields.  He hadn't had a chance to use this feature yet, and he chose to do so now.  One shot flew from the barrel, impacting the guard in the center of the head.  The rest of the guards died in a similar manner before he waved his team up.

As they neared the door, Sanus said, "Mena, hack that door, but be discreet.  An alarm now would be catastrophic."  The quarian did as she had been ordered, quickly opening the door.  She stepped aside and let the soldiers enter.

They quickly and silently moved as far into the facility as possible.  They came to a large room filled with storage containers.  The storage containers clearly had human writing on them.  Sanus stopped to examine one of them.  The electronic manifest listed the cargo, and at the bottom, the destination.

"This container was at one of the colonies that was attacked.  Something isn't right here..." said Sanus.

As they rounded a corner, they met a patrol of Blue Suns.  Sanus brought his rifle up and opened fire without hesitating.  The leader also began firing, and Sanus felt his rifle get knocked from his hands.  He ducked back around the corner and drew his side arm.  A single shot later, the fighting ended, but they had been discovered.

He picked up his rifle and examined it.  The weapons had basically been destroyed by gunfire.  He sighed and tossed it aside; he had really liked that rifle.  He looked at the now deceased mercenaries, eying their weapons.  He noticed one had an M-76 Revenant, and picked it up.  It would make a suitable replacement.

No alarms went off once the shooting started, and that surprised Sanus.  He moved the team to the far side of the room without seeing anyone.  As they reached the door, dozens of mercenaries burst into the room and began firing at the team.

The door locked, which Mena'Zali immediately began hacking.  Megan erected a biotic barrier around Mena, allowing her to work in relative safety.  The turians began firing back at the Blue Suns.  After a minute of intense fighting, the door opened, and the assault team retreated, leaving behind a few presents for their enemy.

Sanus turned around and said, "What the hell?  That shouldn't be here."  A frigate was docked in an enclosed landing bay.  It wasn't just any frigate either; it was a turian frigate.

"The crates... The ship.... The Suns... The Suns were all turians!  Turians did attack those colonies, but they were mercenaries!  We have to board that ship!" exclaimed Sauns.

On the other side of the door, muffled explosions shook the floor.  The mercenaries had found the anti-personnel mines apparently.  That would leave very few guards left in the facility...

The End

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