Megan: New Crewmate

Everything moved slowly over the past few days. Even a little too slowly. The biotic half-expected to be pulled away on another mission or something equally dangerous, but the only action she got was her three hour-long shooting sessions and the admittedly tiring spars between her and Sanus. Aside from this, Megan awaited almost eagerly for word about the quarian girl. From what the turian captain had said, Mena'Zali had not even attempted to contact them. Seeing her as a bit "jumpy" Megan was surprised to hear that bit of news.

"Absolutely nothing?" she questioned once again, as she shot another dozen rounds into the moving targets. Her aim had approved, but not greatly. She was only able to hit them in none fatal areas, save for the few lucky shots to the head or chest.

"Yes, absolutely nothing," Sanus assured while not sounding interested in their current conversation. He was leaning against a wall, fiddling with the recently installed modules on his assault rifle. 

"Are you certain?" Megan asked, beginning to become irritating.

"Yes," Sanus replied. "Now stop asking."

Megan stayed silent for awhile, concentrating on her shooting.  Then an idea sprung at her. "Captain, why not accept the quarian on board already?"

"The girl is far too hesitant. She may be a liability under difficult situations such as battle. I believe I told you this earlier, human." He explained dryly.

"Yes you have said this before," Megan began, putting down her pistol and turning to look at Sanus, "But you also stated that you were considering the girl to join the crew. Although she doesn't have the steadiest hands, I am certain she will not be, as you put it, "a liability" under any conditions."

Sanus lifted his head to speak with a harder tone, "There is no need -" The biotic stopped him midway; she wasn't finished.

"And several days have passed on this forsaken frigate which means I see no reason to reject the quarian girl as we have almost everything we need and the repairs are close to completion," Megan said. Her tone was a little accusing with her fuming expression, but her rant finished just as quickly as it came.

Sanus simply looked at her. Studying and observing the human in the same way he did when they first had a conversation that didn't involve him flying through a window (although, no words were exchanged at that particular moment so it was hardly a conversation). He was considering something silently. What Megan said was true...

He spoke curtly, "Very well."

Megan snapped her head up and stared. She was aiming for an argument, not an agreement.

"Mena'Zali shall be joining our crew. To prove if she'll be useful to us or not, I'll have her join us on a Blue Suns' facility raid," Sanus said, putting down his gun and began leaving quietly. He quickly added, "As soon as the Nihlus is in perfect condition that is," and left the room without another word.

Megan would've been pleased, but she heard the "us" that was not subtly stated. Another facility raid would never agree with her, but at least she wouldn't have to be stuck on the ship for another week or so.  

The End

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