Kryik: Are you even trying?

Kane got back to her feet, ready to try again.  Sanus waited for her to attack him, which she did timidly.  She had good reason to be timid.  He dodged her punch, grabbing her arm and flipping her over his shoulder onto the mat.

"Come on now human, at least try," said Sanus.

Again getting to her feet, she stayed where she was.  This time Sanus charged at her.  He tried to knock her leg out from under her with a quick kick, but she dodged it and hit him with a bioitic punch.  The hit knocked him off balance, allowing her to follow up with another biotic strike.

He fell to the ground but jumped back to his feet.  He rushed at her again, this time grabbing her arm to prevent her biotics from being used.  She again dodged his kick, and followed up with one of her own.  He again fell on his back, but he dragged her down with him.

They both rolled away and jumped to their feet.  After several more rounds, which they split evenly, they called it a draw and sat down to rest.

"Try not to let your opponent restrain your arms.  It keeps biotics from working, putting you at a significant disadvantage," said Sanus, offering Megan tips on her fighting style.

"I don't think I can give you any pointers.  How did you get so good?" inquired Megan.

"Training and combat, just like I learned to shoot.  Speaking of, you need a lot of practice.  Let's head back to the range, and I'll try to help," offered Sanus.

Megan shot several rounds at a target.  Sanus watched her, then adjusted her stance.  It helped some, but she still had a hard time hitting the target.

"How many rounds have you shot through this weapon?" inquired Sanus.

"Probably only a couple of hundred, just enough to qualify with it.  My trainers wanted me to focus on my biotics, said that other soldiers could do the shooting," replied Megan.

"Well, no wonder you have troubles.  Turians are required to shoot thousands of rounds in basic training.  I'd suggest you spend a lot of time here, just shooting at targets.  We have plenty of thermal clips.  I'll show you what you are aiming for," he said, grabbing a nearby pistol.

He proceeded to shoot a target at the longest distance on the range.  He placed a half dozen shots in a very tight pattern in the chest, then made a smiley face on its head.  Megan was impressed, since he had done this one-handed.

"That is what firing tens of thousands of rounds will let you achieve," said Sanus as he placed the weapon back on the table.

Over the next few days while the repairs were made, Megan spent much time on the firing range.  Her skill did improve, but she still only managed to hit the target about half the time.

The End

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