Megan: Practice Makes Perfect

Sanus was correct; Megan was not at all pleased with his decision. Despite questions of human intellect (which she found to be a humorous topic), she did understand that a quarian would be useful in battle. But she also understood his reason for not accepting her head on. The girl seemed barely old enough to hold a pistol by the way she acted, let alone fire one. And yet, she wasn't satisfied.

When they returned to the Nihlus, Megan instantly headed to the armory for some practice. Being a biotic, shooting a gun in the midst of battle when an enemy was near wasn't a reflex of hers. Blasting them five feet in the air was. But because of this, her poor aim was to be predicated.

Rather than using one of the weapons from the stack, she chose her M-5 Phalanax heavy pistol that had one too many dents on it (thanks to her carelessness and adoration of the weapon). Not very steadily, she took aim at the range of targets in front of her. Several shots rang out and, as usual, she missed her intended goal. Well, actually she hit it, but if she were shooting at an actual living creature, Megan doubted the wounds inflicted would be anywhere near fatal.

"You're terrible, human." A voice drily noted.

Megan turned around to see Sanus, without his armor on for once. Dropping a heat sink, she placed the heavy pistol down and turned around.

"Yes," she agreed, her tone not amused in the slightest. "I am quite dreadful, actually."

Sanus nodded in agreement, looking completely expressionless. He picked up her pistol and aimed. Without blinking for a second, a shot rang out making Megan flinch.

He hit the target spot on, with what would have been a very fatal shot. "Show off," she muttered to herself. Megan thought she heard a chuckle come from him after her bitter comment, but she blamed her imagination.

He left her standing there after that, but he gestured for her to follow quickly. Watching him curiously, Megan followed Sanus without protest.

"Care to spar with me?" was his curt request, as the turian shifted into a fighting stance. Again, the only expression she carried was curiosity.

Somewhat timid, Megan stepped onto the training matt, lifting up her hands slowly. Hand-to-hand fighting was not her forte, as wasn't weapon handling, but she had enough experience from boot camp and a couple of run-ins with old grudges to keep herself on her feet. It was the fact that he was a turian that made her unusually cautious. From what she had heard, turian special forces were formidable opponents in battle, even if the battle per say does not involve a gun or two.

"Fine," Megan replied. She felt uneasy and was very much sure that the acting captain was enjoying her agitation.

Catching her by surprise, Sanus said, "You may use your biotics. It'd be fair game."

Megan frowned. "How would using my biotics would f-" her response was cut off by the sharp jab to the abdomen. The next thing she felt was her back against the hard, uncomfortable matt that was previously beneath her feet. And a very unimpressed Sanus standing over her...

He sounded smug. "You were saying, human?"

The End

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