Kryik: Possible Crewmember

Nervously, Mena'Zali said, "Well, since I brought you here, the Honorbound technically is my pilgrimage gift.  Since it is a mostly functional warship, I can join the crew of any ship I want.  I... I wish to join your crew."

"What skills do you have that could benefit my ship?" asked Sanus.

"Well, I am an excellent hacker, and I did receive training as a marine.  If you'll have me, then I can assist the engineering staff with the engines and repairs," replied the quarian.

Sanus leaned against the wall and said, "Hmmmm.... I'll think about it.  I make no promises though."  With that, he turned and stepped into the airlock, with Megan following.

After the door closed, she said, "You know, we could likely use her technical skills.  It's just my opinion, but I get the feeling you don't want her on the ship."

Sanus sighed and said, "I do want her on the ship.  Quarians are known for their skill with electronics and ships, and she would be a valuable addition.  However, I'm going to make her wait.  You've seen how nervous she is, and if she cracks during combat, people could die.  Obviously that wouldn't be good, so if she can wait a few days without going crazy, she's welcome."

The airlock opened, and Sanus removed his helmet.  Megan removed hers and walked to the elevator.  Sanus could tell she wasn't happy about his decision to make the quarian wait, but it didn't matter.  He walked to his office on the command deck and activated the com system.  He had to tell Lantar about the repairs, and he knew he wouldn't be pleased with the terms.

The End

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