Megan: Couldn’t Keep Your Mouth Shut?

There was no way to think of what she just said as humorous. Well, not in Sanus' case. Her suggestion was carelessly thrown; likely, it was just one thought that slipped out on its own accord. Although this was the thing that the soldier noticed, it seemed as though the quarian admirals' interests were sparked.

"What exactly are you proposing?" Admiral Han'Gerrel asked.

Briefly glancing at Sanus, Megan replied, "As the captain stated, the Honorbound is damaged thanks to a pervious confrontation with pirates, salvageable and intact parts of the ship could prove to be useful. To you, I mean."

Sensing his inner dismay, she looked at Sanus. Her helmet didn't completely conceal her face, so quickly, as if to send a silent message, she winked casually, before turning back to the quarians.

Since there was no reply from them, she furthered her explanation. "To be frank, Admirals, if you agree to this exchange you'll have a frigate at your disposal. And," the volume of her voice went a bit higher. She was trying to point out something to the turian by her side, "In turn we solve two of our own problems. The Nihlus will be in outstanding condition with a full crew to boot."

The two admirals looked at each other knowingly while considering the options that lay before them. A frigate would be, in all honesty, helpful and a blessing of sorts to the quarians. On the other, as Megan mentioned, Sanus would not have to worry about the liability of having a half-crew. The captain, not amused about what the biotic had said, was not blind to this promising possibility.

In the end, it seemed that Sanus had very little chance to take back the offer either way because the admirals had made their choice.

Han'Gerrel spoke this time, sounding very pleased, "Very well then. We will carry out the repairs and installations the Nihlus requires, and we accept the frigate as compensation."

Behind the covering of her helmet, Megan smiled in victory. There was a certain pride and smugness in her happiness, of course, but she did not make it audible.  Sanus, instead, stood there and nodded at the quarians. "Thank you for your time, Admirals," Sanus said, bidding them goodbye.

When they left to return to the ship, he turned his head to Megan. "I'd call your suggestion clever, but I am not entirely pleased with it. Don't do it again, human." There was no scorn present in his voice; his tone was flat and easy. She expected him to yell or be harsh with her (she did act out of line), but the biotic stayed quiet, cheering inwardly to her supposed "triumph".  

Then they heard an uneasy voice.

"E-excuse me, Captain Kryik - I wish to speak with you!" Mena'Zali, their brief quarian guest, called out to them as they neared the airlock.

"Oh, hello, kid," Megan chirped. Mena nodded at her, but faced the turian. Again, the girl was timid. Her posture was awkward as she fiddled with her hands. But she spoke despite her wariness, "If I may have a moment of your time, I wish to discuss something with you."

"Yes?" Sanus asked, very curious.

The End

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