Kryik: So how much is this gonna cost me?

The quarians led Sanus and Megan to a room inside the ship.  Several marines stood outside the doors, standing watch over the meeting.  The quarians in the room stood up to greet the visitors.

The quarian they had rescued said, "These are admirals Shala'Raan vas Tonbay and Han'Gerrel vas Neema.  They will hear your request for assistance."

She stepped to the side, and one of the admirals said, "Thank you, Mena'Zali," turning to guests, she waited for them to introduce themselves and state their business.

Sanus said, "I am Sanus Kryik, acting captain of the Nihlus.  This is Megan Kane, an Alliance biotic we picked up recently.  Our ships were damaged in an attack on a turian shipyard, and we need repairs.  We are prepared to offer supplies and weapons in exchange for parts and labor."

Admiral Han'Gerrel replied, "What repairs do your ships need, exactly?"

"Well, the Nihlus was incomplete when it was launched, and the main gun is currently inoperable, and our kinetic barriers were not completely installed.  The frigate Honorbound was damaged by batarian pirates.  Its FTL drive was damaged to the point it can only make short jumps."

The other admiral, Shala'Raan, responded, "That sounds like a lot of work, Captain.  I am not sure that what you offer is a fair trade.  As I am sure you are aware, our resources are very strained."

"The barrier emitters are in the cargo bay, but we lack the abilities to install them.  If you can fix the FTL drive on the Honorbound, then it should be able to get to a shipyard to repair the main gun."

Thinking for a moment, Shala'Raan said, "How much are you prepared to offer for these repairs?"

After doing some quick figures in his head, Sanus responded, "Most of the supplies from both ships, plus weapons for about fifty soldiers.  It isn't much, but it's all I've got to offer."

Han'Gerrel spoke up this time, saying, "I'm not sure that is enough Captain.  Those supplies would barely put a dent in the food requirements for a few ships for even one day.  Surely, there must be something else you can offer."

Megan, previously silent, said, "How about the Honorbound?"

Had Sanus not been wearing a helmet, his jaw likely would have hit the ground.  He couldn't even begin to respond to that.  Surely she had meant to talk to him over the radio, not say that out loud.

The End

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