Megan: The Fleet, How Impressive


Megan was in the med-bay by the time the crew members did a full study on what damages the frigate sustained. In the end it seemed the medical bay was safe and left completely intact. She visited it on the orders of the commander, and seeing as how he was in a bad enough mood, Megan didn't reject the idea and left the bridge.

During the previous mission to retrieve and cease control of the Nihlus, she suffered a minor injury to her shoulder that she had no time to take care of. It being rather trivial at the time, Megan didn't pay it much mind before it started to hurt far too much.

 Telling the doctor to just, "Slap some medi-gel on it," she cursed when the "slap" actually came. Not too soon after the medi-gel took effect and the only thing bothering Megan was a dull ache in her shoulder, a quarian entered the room along with Sanus. "Give her a quick check up," he ordered and the doctor nodded, unhesitant.

The turian turned to the biotic, curtly examining her condition. "Good, you got it looked at," he said, sounding rather stern. "You'll be joining me on our visit with the Fleet. We need some repairs done and, as our quarian friend here said, it's unlikely they'll do it for free."

Hardly bothering to ask why he wanted her there, Megan grunted. "Fleet? You mean the Fleet? Will the quarians be very willing to assist us, let alone let us approach them without an exchange of gunfire?" she questioned, sounding very skeptical.

Sanus gestured to the girl. "We have her for that," he said and left without another word.

The human shrugged and looked at the timid quarian being examined. "Well, good luck with helping us, kid," was the last thing she muttered before she too left.


The small team was suited up and were ready for the moment they'd set foot on a quarian ship. On the other hand, their guest paced anxiously as they waited to receive permission to dock.

"Your ship is Turian. Verify, ma'am," they were told.

She took in a heavy breath, as if to remind herself of the words. "After time adrift among open stars, along tides of light and through shoals of dust, I will return to where I began."

"Permission to dock granted. Welcome home, ma'am..."and with that, the Nihlus was approved.

Upon entering the grand vessel, the team was greeted by armed guards and impressive infrastructure. Even from the inside, anyone could see that they - the quarians - put quite a good amount of work and maintenance into their ships. Although, the interior of the vessel was not a remarkable sight and one could easily doubt that it could last very long in a real battle, the sheer size of their fleet begged to differ.

The girl walked forward, her hands up in a nonthreatening manner. She and a man spoke quickly with one another, but quietly too. Turning back to the turians and the human biotic, she nodded at them and gestured them to follow her. "Please, we will have to discuss possible repairs further," she told them.

The End

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