Kryik: Now What?

Having defeated the enemy force, Sanus began securing the ship.  He sent teams to check all areas of the ship for damage.  He also sent a team of soldiers to detain the quarian for the time being.  With no idea what she would do, he thought it was better to know where she was. 

Having given his orders, he went down two decks and proceeded to walk to the brig.  He found a guard standing watch over a cell with the quarian inside.  After conversing a moment with the guard, he moved to the door and unlocked it, stepping inside.

"Captain, why have you imprisoned me?  As I told you, I hated those pirates." said the quarian.

"That doesn't mean I can trust you.  We'll drop you off at the next star port we come to.  Until then, you are going to have to stay here." replied Sanus.

"Okay, Captain.  I suppose I would be dead otherwise.  But surely there is some way I can prove I won't stab you in the back."

"Maybe, but I just can't risk it."

The teams began reporting their findings from the search.  There was some minor hull damage, as well as a few injuries suffered during the attack.  After receiving the damage reports, he stepped out of the cell and contacted the other turian ship.

"Honorbound, this is the Nihlus.  Damage is minimal.  What is your status?" asked Sanus.

"Nihlus, this is Honorbound.  What appeared to be minor damage isn't.  That last hit knocked our gun out of alignment, and damaged the engines as well.  We need repairs, but I'm not sure we can make it to our nearest safe zone," said Lantar.

"We aren't exactly in top condition either.  Damage was minimal, but the ship still isn't complete.  We won't last long with our barrier system incomplete.  Are there any shipyards close by?  Even a repair station would likely have the necessary equipment to install the emitters."  The quarian stood up and moved towards the front of the cell.

Timidly, she said, "I... I might be able to help you.  The Fleet is near here, and they might repair your ships.  I would have to clear your ships as friendly, though.  It likely wouldn't be free either."

Sanus thought about it for a second, then sighed and said, "Honorbound, I might have a solution, but I don't think you'll like it.  We rescued a quarian from the facility, and she claims that their Fleet is nearby.  We might have to give up some supplies, but without their help, we're in trouble."

Lantar immediately replied, "Are you crazy?  The most advanced ship in our fleet, and you'll just let them on board to study its systems?  Who's to say they won't meet us with marines and take it by force?"

Sanus angrily said, "So you have a better idea?  Perhaps we should just wait here for more pirates to show up.  I intend to take this ship to the fleet and bring it to full operational status.  If they try to board it, they'll regret it immediately.  We still have guns, and if all else fails, then I'll make a suicide run on one of those big ships."

The End

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