Megan: Battle


When the Nihlus was hit, the entire ship shook with aftershock. The alarm was raised, loud in Megan's ears. She watched one person after another reach their stations and readied for the closing in battle. It seemed as if the crew was confident enough to survive the coming fight since there was no ting of anxiety or fear in the atmosphere. And for once, it seemed that all the biotic had to do was to stay back and make sure not to get in anyone's way. Hardly a challenge, if she ever saw one, but it was one she accepted gladly. After all, what could she do at a time like this?

The Nihlus went straight ahead to assist the Turian ship under fire by the invading pirates. Once the batarian cruiser (that was the cause of the interruption in communications) was heavily damaged by the Thanix cannons, it was rendered useless and defenseless. The pirates headed for the escape pods and made a quick getaway from the burning wreckage.

A brief roar of glory came from the crew members of the Nihlus, as their target headed for the ground below.

"Cruiser's going down, sir!" one Turian pilot beamed, not taking his calculating hands off the controls.

"We can't celebrate just yet, men!" Kryik said, hardly breaking his tone of concentration, "We still need to bring them all down!"

Another round of damage hit their ship from a different cruiser that momentarily broke its attention on the Turian frigate. Soon enough, a second alarm rang out from an Asari's station. "Kinetic barriers down again; recharging now. The Thanix cannons ready and waiting, sir" she called out.

"Good," Kryik yelled, "Now, bring down the batarians!"

The crew didn't hesitate at his orders. "Yes sir!" was the final shouts from eager soldiers. Within seconds the Thanix cannons shot off again, bringing the last of the pirates down in flames. The fight was over and incoming messages flooded the communications. The Turian frigate was safe, and from what the updates detailed the damages inflicted during the battle didn't seem too much of concern at the moment, as it would seem. The men cheered again in victory as the Turian XO relaxed momentarily. He congratulated the understaffed crew, "Good work, soldiers, now let's bring our boys back."

The End

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