Kryik: That New Ship Smell

Kryik and his team, plus human biotic, moved through the facility towards the production area.  As they were passing the main reactor chamber, he noticed several people inside.  He diverted the team to see what they were doing.

As they stepped through the door, several turians who had been waiting to ambush anyone entering the room stood up.  Seeing that the intruders were turian, they held their fire.  Sanus walked up to one of the technicians standing near the reactor.

Stopping nearby, he asked, "What are you doing?"

Without looking up, the technician replied, "Cleanup.  The Nihlus is space worthy, but not complete.  The reactor overload should destroy the facility."

Sanus rallied the team and began moving towards the hanger.  They met a group of pirates at a nearby junction.  The fighting ended in moments as the turians decimated the enemy, who had been facing the opposite direction.  As they walked past the bodies, they heard a voice from behind some boxes.  Raising their weapons, they waited.

"Wait, don't shoot!  I swear I didn't want to help them, but they were going to kill me!  I'm unarmed, and I surrender!  Just please, don't shoot me," begged the voice.

Sanus replied, "Stand up, hands in the air."  A masked head slowly raised above the boxes, then an environment suit.  The figure raised it's hands and stepped out from behind the boxes.

"What's a quarian doing with batarian pirates?" demanded Sanus.

"I was at a small human colony.  The batarians raided it, and decided they could get more use out of me by using my skills than selling me.  I wouldn't have helped them, but they were going to puncture my suit.  That is not a good way to die."

Sanus thought for a moment, then replied, "Sounds true enough.  So, if I were to not kill you, you wouldn't try to kill us, now would you?"

"No, I won't.  My loyalty lies with the Fleet, not with those pirates."

Suddenly, an alarm went off, and the facility's VI said, "Reactor overload initiated. Emergency shut down protocols malfunctioning.  Evacuate the facility."

"Fine, follow us." said Sanus as he began running towards the hanger.  As they neared the airlock, they slowed as the door opened.  After stepping inside, Sanus moved to the engineering station and initiated a master systems boot.  Lights flickered on, and he ordered one of his men to the helm.  Another he sent to find the gunnery control station.

A computerized voice said, "Welcome, XO Kryik.  What are your orders?"

"I need a status report."

"The main gun is offline.  Secondary weapons are charging.  Kinetic barriers are charging, but will be significantly weaker than designed.  Less than a third of the emitters have been installed.  All other systems are active."

People from all over the shipyard were pouring onto the ship to escape the coming blast.  They began filling stations that fit their skills.  He still only had half a crew.

"What are the secondary weapons?  Torpedoes?"

"No, XO Kryik, the primary and secondary weapons are Thanix cannons, developed from the wreckage of the dreadnaught Sovereign."

The communications system began blaring "Sanus, we have to go NOW!  That batarian cruiser is tearing us apart!  Acknowledge, over."

"Helm, take us out of here!"

They escaped with only seconds before the reactor exploded.  As they neared the fight overhead, the turian frigate took a serious hit.  The Nihlus flew towards a batarian cruiser, which must have been jamming communications before.  Sanus ordered all weapons deployed, and four Thanix cannons extended from wing roots of the ship.


The End

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