Megan: Stealth


Megan was fiddling with one of her weapons when she was alerted by the noise of a visitor. At least this time, he or she didn't walk in unannounced.

It was that Turian she threw through a window, waiting outside her quarters. It was kind of hard not to recognize him as she got a clear view of his face before Megan sent him plummeting (to what she had thought would be) his doom.

She half-expected a jab in the jaw rather than a gun. And it wasn't aimed at her either, so that was a plus. Megan ended up listening to him carefully while leaning against the frame of the door. She had to admit, catching some real action wasn't what she expected.

"Right..." the biotic slurred out, taking the shotgun. She looked it over delicately. She was no fan of shotguns or any other weapon in general, but even Megan could tell that this particular shotgun wasn't half bad. "It's very cute, but I don't think I'll be using it much while we're down there." she commented, unmistakably amused.

The Turian looked confused for a moment and moved to take the gun back. "Hey," she quickly moved her hand to bloke his and grinned, "I didn't say I wouldn't use it."

He stood there for a moment, looking rather irritated by her sense of humor and the Cheshire smile she was sporting. Soon enough, he replied by saying, "Very well then. My team will be breaching the facility...."

Megan didn't even look at him though. Her eyes and fingers were too busy toying with the little modules on the gun to pay any more attention to him. She heard him make a noise and turn, muttering some very dull last words before heading to the armory. "I suggest you get your armor ready. We'll be touching down very soon, human."


It was raining when they landed. The team was silent and quick when they first made contact with the surface of one of the roofs. Megan highly doubted the people they were going after noticed their presence just yet as another team, that had been enforcing a similar assault, made themselves known intentionally at the north side of the facility. It was a distraction in other words.

The biotic watched as the Turian soldiers took their places at the edge of the roof, ready to scale down. Their commander, Sanus Kryik she learned his name to be, signaled at her curtly before readying himself as well, "Human, jump and take down the guards. Quietly as possible, though."

Megan slowly nodded and loomed over the edge for a moment. Relaxing her body, she felt the power surge from her toes to her headed as she jumped. The impact she made wasn't soundless, but it only caught the attention of her targets.

They turned around, attempting to say something while swallowing the surprise. With one swing of her left arm, she had one of them in the air before the man's body was rendered immobile with a heavy and forced fall. The other guard's legs tried to jump back awkwardly, but his own astonishment left him to fumble while trying to aim his gun at her.

"Too late," Megan hummed to herself. He was in the air as well then, but she kept him there as the blue, biotic shell surrounding his entire figure, left him floating and mute.

Stealthy as ever, Sanus and his men were able to scale down the wall within seconds. Looking back at them, Megan casually asked, "What do you want me to do with him, sir?" The Turian didn't acknowledge her as he pulled out his rifle.

"Throw him over the edge," one Turian carelessly suggested. She looked back at the floating guard for a moment, half-amused by the suggestion. But gracefully, her arm flexed and the man was slammed against the wall, presumably knocked out.

Megan heard the click of a heat sink then. "Move out," was Kryik's order. Taking out her favorite Shuriken sub-machine gun, the biotic stiffly nodded and proceeded with the mission and followed the squad leader.  

The End

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