Kryik: You'll want this... Trust me.

Since his armor had been damaged anyway, Sanus decided to upgrade to a newer suit.  The new armor had been loaded on just before they left port, and hadn't been unpacked when they were deployed.  Now he had some of the most advanced armor in the galaxy.  That was certainly one thing the turians had over the Alliance; Armax Arsenal.  Not many companies produced better arms and armor than Armax.  It may not be cheap- for non-turians- but it was well worth it.

"Were going to be in close quarters on that station.  I need a pair of shotguns," said Sanus as he finished donning his armor.

"What, are you going to shoot one with each hand?  That would be quite a sight," replied the armory officer.

"No, one for me and one for that human.  If she is going to be here, she might as well make herself useful," said Sanus with a bit of contempt.

The armory officer handed him the weapons and said, "Okay, here you go.  Good luck with that human."  Sanus sighed and walked to her quarters.  He almost just opened the door, but decided not to worsen the situation and used the "doorbell."  She opened the door and was surprised at what she saw.

"Well, you are the last person I expected to see," noticing the weapon in his hand, she added, "Did you come to even the score?"  Sanus handed her the shotgun, making sure that the muzzle was pointed at him.  His suit's barriers were rated for at least one point-blank shotgun blast, and he could snap her neck before she got off a second shot.  Fortunately she didn't try anything.

"No, human, I am bringing you on a mission.  Not many of your kind get to see a turian special forces unit in action, unless of course they are on the receiving end.  Then it is usually the last thing they see," said Sanus, then added, "It's going to be close quarters down there.  You'll be needing this."

The End

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