Kryik: Seriously?!

Sanus woke up in the infirmary of his ship, recovering from his wounds.  One of the rounds had hit near his lungs, and he had to spend a couple of days in observation to make sure there were no complications.  He was resting peacefully when his commanding officer entered the room.

"Sanus, how's your side?" he asked.

"Fine, sir, but I think it'll leave a mark.  So, what happened after I was shot?" asked Sanus.

"Well, that's what I'm here about.  The Alliance is blackmailing us.  The human you went after - the biotic - she's on this ship.  Obviously, she's a spy, but otherwise they would say that we fired on them with no provocation, ruining our chances of getting back on the council," said the commander. 

Sanus was shocked, and waited a moment before responding, "You mean to tell me that we have an Alliance operative on board this ship?  What sort of clearance did we have to give her?  Surely she isn't actually going on missions with us, is she?"

"Kryik, relax.  Your being transferred, and we are going to patrol the border in this ship.  The Hierarchy is promoting you, giving you your own team.  You'll still be on active duty.  The doctor says your wounds are fine.  We are docking with the cruiser Taetrus in a few hours.  That will be your new home," he offered his hand, and Sanus shook it, "It's been good serving with you Kryik."

"Thank you, sir."

The commander turned to leave, and met another soldier at the door.  The soldier whispered something, saluted, and left. Lantar turned around and said, "Change of plans: Your transfer has to wait.  I need you on an important mission.  Pirates are raiding one of our shipyards.  Normally they could defend themselves, but they are building a new ship class, and are understaffed to maintain secrecy.  It seems only fitting you should help save the Nihlus."  He turned and left.  Sanus sat up in his bed, and began to get up.

Thinking aloud, he said, "They named a ship after my father.  If only he were alive to see it..."

The End

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