Megan: In Bandages


The tender feeling in her head made it hard for her to move, much less to understand where exactly she was. Her vision was blurry, so Megan could only make out odd shapes and the terrible light that did little to help her sore mind. Grunting slightly, she tried to move around to get a better idea of her situation, but her arms wouldn't budge. For a moment, Megan thought she was disabled or her limbs simply refused move. She tried again. This time her wrists came in contact with something cold and hard before they fell down to whatever surface she was laying on.

I'm strapped down, Megan thought slowly after trying her legs only to have her ankles brush against the foreign metal. She then tried her head, turning to the side to avoid the beaming light above her. With no such luck, her eyes squinted painfully from the intensity of more lights and she hissed bitterly.

"It seems the human is regaining consciousness," A female voice noted plainly. The sounds of a gun reloading came quickly after the voice before everything in the room fell silent again.

She wanted to curse, or do something else, but all her body allowed were small movements and twitches and the muffled noises that escaped her throat.  Finally when her sight focused and she could see where she was, the stainless ceiling welcomed Megan while she weakly looked around.

At this point, it was obvious to her that she was in an infirmary. And with company too since she heard the scuffle of goodness knows what coming from within the room. Stiffly, she tried moving her head again with the slight gnawing feeling inside her, telling if she did she would be blinded again.

Rather than being greeted by an agonizing beam of light, she saw rifles already pointed at her laying body. "Well, this explains...a lot." Megan dryly muttered to herself.

Eagerly trying to move again, her limbs pushed upwards, although they failed to break free, the instant adjustment by the guards of their rifles stopped whatever intention Megan had to escape.

"So you're fully awake, I see?" A voice again said.

Megan snapped her head to the other side to find an Asari with light blue markings on her face, scanning over a data pad. Setting down the object in her hand, she looked at Megan without any hint of what she was thinking on her face. "You put up quite a fight, human. A pointless one, though."

Megan wanted to spit, growl, or do something that expressed her immediate distaste of the Asari, but all she managed was a scoff from her dry throat. "Thank you, Asari," she bit out. "But why am I strapped down?" Megan gestured to the metal at her wrists.

Baring a plain smile, the Asari replied, "Well, you did knock that Turian through a window," she pointed to the alien currently resting on a bed near Megan, "and escaped with a hail of gunfire at your feet. Your restraints seemed logical, but I am sorry if they're not comfortable."

The biotic snorted and faced the ceiling again. After moments of silence between them that was accompanied by the hum of the machines nearby, the woman stuck to the medical bed piped up, "Why are you doing this?"

"Excuse me?"

Megan sighed a little. "Attacking this colony - this facility...Why?" For a brief moment the doctor thought over her multiple answers, before saying, "I'm not the one you should be asking."

The sound of opening doors broke the biotic's attention on the Asari and focused it on to the new arrivals entering the infirmary. "The doctor is correct, Sergeant Kane. She is not the one you should be discussing this with," a man - or Turian to be exact, said as he motioned for the guards to put their rifles down.

Her eyebrow arched curiously at them as the pulsing pain in her head increased.


Listening intently to what the Turian said, Megan now sat up straight on the bed, rubbing her newly released wrists and ankles often. She looked up at the alien glaring down at her weakened state. He had a scar running across the side of his face, and she quickly recognized him as the CO who was present when Daniels had surrendered to the invading force.

Rubbing out a kink in her neck, Megan lazily asked, "Basically you're evicting us humans? Oh, the Alliance is just going to love that. But you're telling me this because...?"

If there was any sign of irritation on the Turian's face, the biotic hadn't seen it yet, but it was rather evident in his tone of voice. "You're a reckless  biotic who took down my men. And I would prefer it if you did not attack any of my soldiers again. I think that about covers my reasons for informing you of the situation, or are you not satisfied?"

Ignoring his last comment, she ran a pale hand through her dark hair in thought as the Turian continued. "Your CO....Commander Daniels, I believe, sent out a distress signal. Your Alliance will be arriving soon, and when they do, you and the rest of the people at this facility will be extracted from this colony. Peacefully."

Frankly, Megan found that hard to believe.


As the Turian soldier said, they were being airlifted of the planet without one gun being shot off. The Alliance ships already dominated the sky briefly before landing, leaving it clear once again. Megan stood at the assembly yard, her body still sore from her injuries, waiting for her lift of the planet.

When it did arrive, debris blew around as the small aircraft planted itself on the ground. Before taking her first steps off the planet, she looked back at the now empty training facility. Everyone else had been excavated, expect for a few that stayed behind. Taking a deep breath, Megan walked slowly towards the drop ship, ignoring the numb pain in her leg while she mutely regretted putting up a fight in the first place.

As her feet were now stepping onto the metal of her escape from the colony, her growing need to sit (as the effects left by her gunshot wounds tired her down) was stopped by Commander Daniels. He barely looked at her concerned, and instead had a disapproving expression on his face. In short, he probably wasn't pleased with what she had done. Neither was Megan at this point.

She looked up at him, annoyingly. "Sir?" she asked mildly.

"Kane, good to see you're alive," Daniels said slowly. Somehow, the biotic doubted his words. "Sadly this reunion has to be cut short. There are people who wish to discuss something with you, Sergeant."

Now? She wanted to say, but remembered her rank and his. "Such as what?"

The Alliance soldier behind Daniels moved him aside. "We have a particular pressing issue to discuss. To be frank, it concerns you and the possibility of staying aboard a Turian ship for a long period of time...."

Nothing was able to ease the sudden shock and confusion that hit the biotic head on.

The End

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