Kryik: Recapture

"Kryik, get up and get moving!  Take a team and recapture that human.  Try not to kill her.  She will be more valuable alive than dead."

Sanus started to get up.  Once upright, he stumbled over to his rifle and bent to pick it up.  He had a severe pain in his side, likely from being flung through a window.  He took two men with him.  They started towards the door she had escaped through.

Sanus said to his fellow soldiers, "She isn't armed.  She will likely try to change that.  We have scans of the facility, and there are only three armories spread over the base.  We will split up, try to force her to one of them.  Keep in regular contact."  He headed for the nearest armory, since he had the most experience, and she would likely try to get a weapon as quickly as possible.  He checked the door; it had definitely been tampered with.

"I might have something here.  Stand by," he said over his suits internal communications array.

He opened the door, then stepped inside the room.  There were racks of weapons standing in rows.  It was a soldier's nightmare; cover everywhere, a lot of corners to hide in, and many exits for his target.  He did, however, have a mission, and he would not fail.

He began by walking perpendicular to the rows of shelves, checking between them.  Seeing nothing, he began walking towards the other end of the armory.  About half way down the row, he heard a rattling behind him, and turned around to see what it was.

Suddenly, a shelf fell behind him, grazing his back and knocking him down.  He jumped back to his feet, only to be shot several times in the back.  His kinetic barriers protected him, but the warning light on his HUD told him another shot would finish them.  He turned, and another round hit the shields.  They sputtered and died.  He looked around for the shooter, finally sighting her at the end of the aisle.  He brought his rifle up, only to feel a sharp pain in his side.  He fired, hitting her in the chest.  Before she fell to the ground, she squeezed off another shot, hitting him again.  He leaned against the shelves. 

He dropped his gun, moving his hand over his wounds.  When he looked at it, it was covered in blood.

"This is Kryik... I've been shot... target....neutralized..." His words trailed off as he fell unconscious.

The End

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