Megan: The Beginning of the Run


There was a gun pressed against her back at one moment and during the next it was the only thing keeping her from giving the Turain a biotic throw against the wall.

They were leading them down a hallway now, leading straight to the assembly yard just as the Turain CO ordered. Megan kept quiet, even though her head was sore and her eyes still burnt from the gas. At times, she glanced over to Commander Daniels, wondering whether he was seriously capable of submitting to the invaders just because he got jabbed in the face.  The only time he ever looked back at her was when she examined the bruises at the side of his face. His glare was a clear enough answer that he didn't like where this was going (then again, who would?), but the biotic also took it as a silent order of not to do anything brash.

That was easier said than done, in her case, Megan thought dully.

The assembly yard was near as she knew the facility very well, but from the corner of her eye she saw the Turians behind her by the reflection in glass window they were passing. There were quite a few -- all ready to shoot them down if they tried to resist. But then the glass window seemed too much of an opportunity to waste, and in her mind she already began to formulate a plan.

She could take one down by throwing him (or her - she could never tell with Turians, apparently) through the window, but the cargo below would break his fall, and the same would go for her, when she would jump down, following the Turian. She had no doubt in her mind that a rain of gunfire would follow her, and it might just take down everyone else, but Megan had to take that chance.

After making it safely to the ground, Megan decided she would go left (or was it right?) and basically head to the command center by going on and off route to confuse her followers. All that was left was to actually put the plan into action.

Taking a second to collect herself, Megan inhaled sharply. She quickly ducked and roundhouse kicked the Turain that was behind her. He fell hard and was momentarily disarmed.

The others had little time to react as she quickly focused on one of them and her arm was swarmed by a blue aura. She had her target in the air within a split second. In the back of her mind she knew that being an L-3 had its limitations, and having little time to ready herself meant that the Turian might just bounce against the window like a ball or go flying ...

Soon enough, he crashed through the window, and pieces of glass went flying, cutting against her cheek and arm. The others nearly fell to the ground in shock while trying to dodge flying debris, but Megan pulled herself over the railing and jumped. Not exactly taking in account of the distant between the window and the ground, or a crate, as she hoped there would be one, her biotics swarmed around her entire body and broke the fall as her shoulder made impact against the hard interior of the cargo bay.

Her shoulder was almost dislocated by the fall and she likely broke something else, but Megan paid no attention to what injuries she had. Instead she looked behind her and saw them already getting ready to aim and shoot her. In another burst of strength and adrenaline, she sent another Turain flying against the others, sending the squad down again, before she ran for cover.

Megan looked left and right for an exit, and squinted painfully as her vision was a tad hazy from the gas and the leap. When she saw the opening to her escape route, she leapt to her feet and sprinted to the key panel. Her fingers pressed in a code at an almost inhuman speed. Her leg was already bleeding from a shot that rang out and more were coming at her, but she got behind the metal doors as the gunfire pelted the now sealed exit.

The End

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