Kryik: Storming the Command Center

Sanus and another dozen commandos were preparing to rappel onto the command center of the Alliance facility.  The moment they entered the atmosphere, the automated defense turrets had begun firing.  Perhaps it was an accident, but they were taking no chances.

Lantar, leading the assault, held up his open hand, then counted down from three.  He then led them out of the hanger of the slowly moving frigate.  A few seconds and 100 meters later, they were on the roof of the facility, already moving towards the command center.  The humans liked pleasing sights, and the command center had a glass roof.  The Turians stopped a few feet short of the windows, while their commander stuck his head up a little farther.

"Looks like three guards and nine technicians from this side.  Kryik, you and Sidonis are the first ones in.  Break the glass and drop some gas.  We'll follow you in," ordered the commander.

Kryik moved into position, then rushed forward and jumped into the air.  As he came down on the glass, he drove the talons on his armor into the glass.  It shattered, and he dropped the stun grenade he had been holding in his hand.  As he hit the ground, he rolled to the left, knocking over a fourth guard they hadn't seen.

"No one move!  We will not hesitate to kill you," he yelled at the humans.  He fired a couple of shots in warning.  Soon, the rest of the squad had dropped in through the opening he had created.  By the time the humans recovered from the gas, they were disarmed and facing the wall with their hands in the air.

"Turn around,"Lantar ordered, "Who is your commanding officer?  I suggest you step forward quickly, or this little skirmish is likely to get very deadly for you."

One of the technicians stepped forward and said, "I am the commanding officer of this facility, and I demand to know what you are-" He was interrupted by a rifle butt to the face.

"You are in no position to demand anything, human.  Order your men to stand down, before we have to kill all of them."

"This is Commander Daniels.  All forces stand down immediately.  I repeat, all forces stand down immediately."

"Good, now we can negotiate your removal from this planet.  Kryik, take them to the assembly yard."

"Yes sir," he replied.

Then, turning to the prisoners, he shouted, "You heard the man, move!"

The End

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