Megan Kane: The Human Biotic

Megan Kane's students were all practically whispering behind her back about the recent news. In fact, all were - including her fellow instructors and soldiers. It was likely only hours ago when the upsetting news update came through, alerting everyone to the fact that the Turians were no longer a part of the Citadel council. Megan herself wasn't particularly happy about this new development for the Citadel and its inhabitants, mainly because she doubted that this would have a good outcome. Still, the matter wasn't something she should care greatly about. She had some new biotics to take care, instead.

"Hey!" she yelled from above. The young privates snapped their heads up to look up at her, leaning over the railing. "Stop yapping, and get your behinds back to work! I want to see fifteen more laps before the day's done!" They quickly scuffled away, running towards the training grounds before sending off a clumsy, "Yes, ma'am!" and salutes her way.

Softly sighing, she relaxed a little, but kept her eye on the many recruits, following their daily routine outside. Off in the distance, she could see almost all of them - newly enlisted Alliance soldiers that doubled as biotics, all of whom were being yelled at by drill sergeants, while battling their physical and biotic tasks out in the heat. This may have seemed cruel, but it was necessary to ready them for battle or for the military in general.

It was when her mind began to come at ease that the alarm rang out, announcing the coming danger through the training facility. In a split second, the recruits jumped to attention and raced indoors, while Megan raced to the systems room. She passed dozens of people, mostly recruits, attempting to evacuate the facility. In all honesty, being only an instructor and of low rank, Megan was meant to leave with the rest of them, but in act of defiance, she did the opposite.

After pushing through the small crowds, she quickly pressed her hand against the panel, while the A.I. monotonously chimed, "Welcome, Sergeant Kane."

Barely having enough air in her lungs, she screamed to the remaining men in the room, "Are we under attack?!" A man whipped his head around to look at her. "The hell - Kane? Get out of here!" he yelled.

Bluntly ignoring him, Megan pushed him aside when he tried to get her out. She loomed over a man operating one of the monitors. What was on the monitor brought a rush of fear and anxiety through her body. Apparently, the north and east wing were under siege, while the west wing wasn't responding. What was worse was that she just came from the west wing.

She snapped her head to look at the man she was leaning over. He had sweat on his brow, and hadn't noticed her presence yet.

"Who is it?" Megan's voice crackled a little.

He looked up at her for a moment, allowing a second of silence before his reply. "Turians, ma'am."

The End

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