Sanus Kryik: The Turian Soldier

Sanus Kryik joined the rest of the Turians gathering in the common area.  He had no idea what was going on, only that they had been ordered to assemble.  He assumed that they were being deployed again.  Soon their commanding officer, Lantar Actus, entered the room.  He wasted no time in beginning the briefing.

"The Hierarchy has been expelled from the Citadel Council.  As a result, we have been ordered to remove the inhabitants of several colonies in our territory.  Our first target is a human colony on Pietas.  We are not sure if the humans will resist or not.  If they do, then we will use necessary force.  The mission starts in three hours.  Dismissed."

The soldiers began filing out of the common area.  Sanus went back to the living quarters and began checking his weapons.  He disassembled his rifle, examining the block of tungsten carbide that served as its ammunition supply.  He estimated several thousand more shots before it needed to be replaced.  After reassembling the weapon, he placed a heat sink into it and attached it to the back of his suit, where it automatically collapsed to a smaller size.

After repeating this process for all his weapons, he went back to the commons, which also served as a mess hall.  Several others had gathered at a table, playing cards to pass the time.  He got something to eat, and sat down to join them.

The End

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