Mass Effect: Shattered Alliance

The year is 2190. The Reaper threat has been dealt with. The Systems Alliance has grown greedy and wishes to control Citadel space. They are ruthless in their pursuit of this goal. Only a small force of commandos and the Turian fleet stand between humanity and galactic domination.

"There is political turmoil tonight on the Citadel.  Specters have discovered proof that the Turian Hierarchy is behind a recent string of pirate attacks on Salarian, Asari, and Human colonies and ships.  The Citadel Council is moving to take action against the Turians for this transgression.  The Hierarchy claims that they are being blamed unfairly for these attacks.  They say that---"

"Breaking news, just coming in now.  The Turians have been expelled from the Citadel council.  As such, they are withdrawing all of their forces from the Citadel Fleet, and closing their embassy on the Presidium.  We will continue to follow this story as new developments occur."

The End

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