Cato: That is not good...Mature

Cato took two of his most trusted men with him.  They grabbed their gear and walked down the ramp from the hanger.  Cato's men wanted to take their infantry fighting vehicle, but he didn't think that was a good idea.  They would walk the five kilometers to the colony.

About ten minutes into their journey, a deafening explosion knocked them off their feet.  Cato quickly jumped to his feet and looked back at the ship.  Pieces littered the ground and some of the armored plates were still flying through the air. 

Cato scanned the area for what had caused the explosion.  A shadow began to move over the wreckage and he looked up.  What he saw did not look good.  The ship appeared to be bataraian in design.  Several gunships were flying near the ground searching for survivors.

Turning back to his two men, Cato yelled, "Into the jungle!  We have to get to that colony as soon as possible!"  The three turians ran as quickly as they could.

The End

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