Mass Effect: A Spectre in the DarkMature

A fearless Spectre and her crew take on a batarian terrorist group.

Lieutenant Cato Pyramus walked onto the bridge of the frigate Indomitable.  He stopped for a moment and looked around.  He saw the Captain at the front of the ship, conversing with the pilot.

As he approached them, he heard the pilot say, "Captain, we really should set down on a planet and reset the systems.  I don't know if this is a glitch or if we are really having mechanical problems.  There's a small human colony on that nearby planet, so it should be safe enough."

"Take us in then, and land a few kilometers outside of the colony," ordered the Captain.  Turning, he saw Cato and said, "Lieutenant, take a couple men with you and go to the human colony once we land.  Tell them our purpose and that we will be leaving once our repairs are complete."

"Yes sir, Captain," replied Cato.  He turned and went to the hanger, which was where the men usually gathered.  Suddenly, he got a very bad feeling about this short pause in their patrol...

The End

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