Eliza - Arrival in town

We had climbed into the carriage, and rode towards town. It took 2 days of riding to reach town, especially with the Butler ensuring we stopped briefly each night. 

We arrived in town just before night hall and quickly took lodgings in the town house we had hired. The housekeeper was introduced to us, a person I could tell Moira would want to interrogate the second she had me settled. 

"Did her luggage arrive?" inquired Moira.

"Yes," replied the housekeeper. "I have put it in her room. Your room is adjourning it. I have left it for you to unpack, I know some maids are particular about their mistress's belongings."

"In this case it is the mistress who is particular Helen," I told the housekeeper. "I cannot bear for anyone else but my dear Moira." Moira, of course, deciding she was to use her own name. It was necessary for me to change my name, due to the Frances name being well recognized on our side of the border, and possibly on this one. 

"Very well Miss St James. I am sure you wish to rest?" the housekeeper Helen asked.

"Yes. I am much fatigued from my journey, and we have much to prepare before I am due to be presented at court in 2 days time. Moira wishes to ensure everything is up to standard before we begin to hint for a husband for me," I replied. "If you would lead the way to my chambers that would be much appreciated.

We were quickly lead up the stairs, a grand tour promised for the morning. My chambers were much smaller and plainer that I was used to, but over here I was playing the child of a very minor, very deceased noble, so could not expect to live to the level of my normal finery. 

I hoped the others had arrived safely at the safehouse, at that Alexandra had been safely presented at court. She was due to be presented on arrival in the city, before visiting her own lodgings, from what we had been told. 

Once we were safely within our lodgings, Moira opened the large chest sitting beside the bed. "Is everything in there?" I enquired.

Moira quickly pulled out the dresses and laid them carefully on the bed before reaching down to the hidden chamber within the chest. "It has not been disturbed," she murmured, pulling out a small dagger and leg sheaf, for emergencies. There was also some parchment and what we were told is invisible ink, as well as normal ink. There would be pigeons made available at some point, but we had not brought them with us. Jon was set to deliver them on his next visit, from what I could recall. 

"Everything is here miss Eliza," Moira told me, before moving to hang away the dresses. The task done, she then turned to me. "Now lets get you out of that dirty travel dress and into bed. You look exhausted and we can't have any bags under your eyes when your presented at court."

"Its not like I'm really looking for a husband Moira," I replied, sighing as she began to undo the buttons at the back of my dress.

"Yes, but you have to look like you are," Moira replied cheekily.

The End

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