Alexandra: Seperation

I was slightly worried that Jon didn't have any ideas on how to get us out.  I had known the mission was going to be hard but I had thought getting in and integrating ourselves would be the hardest part, not escaping.

Once we were safely across the border and far away from any guards, thanks to Jon's perfect timing and stealth allowing us to dodge the patrol, it was time to split up.  We knew we would see each other again at court but the knowledge that we wouldn't be able to speak to each other as friends scared me.  I would have no allies who I could talk freely to in public, I would always have to be hiding behind my mask. 

'Alex,'  I turned at the sound of Jon's voice.  'Could you come here for a moment.'  I walked over to where he was standing, a little way off from the rest of the group.  There was a girl with him.  'Alex I want to introduce you to Imara.  She will be acting as your maid while you're working.'

I smiled at the girl who looked as nervous as I felt.  She looked very non-descript, perfect for a maid, with a pretty face, dark hair and a slightly plump figure.  That was all I could make out of her in the darkness but I trusted Jon to have made a good choice.

'Where are we going?'  A voice came from behind me.  It was Katrina.

'You are heading to a safe-house I have found for you.  You will stay there until it is your turn to arrive at court.'  Jon turned to face me.  'Luckily for you two you needn't unpack.  You will be heading straight to court as the advance party to begin laying down the foundations of our inquiry.  I trust you know how to do that.'  Jon looked at me and I nodded, trying to ignore the butterflies in my stomach.  'Good.  I will take the two of you and a guide will arrive to show the rest of you to the house.'

I went and hugged the rest of the group goodbye.  Although I didn't know them as well as I would have liked, I felt we had a connection and a duty to each other.  We had to look after each other, our lives depended on it.

A few minutes of waiting passed and a guide appeared and shook hands with Jon.  After receiving brief instructions the others were led off in one direction, while Jon led Imara and me in another.  I kept looking back until the others had disappeared completely into the darkness.

Soon I would be alone and have to survive long enough for the others to join me.  I felt the huge weight of this responsibilty on my shoulders but refused to collapse under the pressure.  I would be strong, for Sebastian if not for my companions.  I was not going to chicken out.

The End

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