Eliza - Time to go

I had been busy over the past few weeks, as we waited for our opportunity to cross the border. Moira had been schooling some of the girls in what was to be expected of a maidservant, and Jon had had a few other girls sent to the house on certain days to receive a few basic lessons in what was expected of a lady at court. I had also sent Jon to a dress maker I knew, so that he could have gowns fashioned for us to be sent across to the other side of the border. The dressmaker was the key of discretion, so there was no worry there. 

Cover stories had been discussed and finalised with Jon in his very brief visits. I was I was to be the daughter of a minor noble from the countryside, now deceased. A townhouse had been hired close to court for Moira and I to reside within when we eventually arrived there. 

Only one letter had arrived from my father in the time leading up to crossing the border, a brief missive asking if I was still hale, and that Moira wasn't letting me get into too much mischief. If only he knew. I sent a brief letter back, through Jon, who had agreed to find a way for any letters he wrote in future to be directed to me, so that my father would not worry or grow suspicious.

Finally, after our weeks of preparations, a knock came at the door after dark. It was Jon, cloaked in dark cloak with Alexandra close behind him. I knew it was time. Moira quickly hurried upstairs to fetch our cloaks and soon we joined him. Tonight was a potentially dangerous night, tonight we crossed the border. From there it would be a few days wait until I would be allowed to travel to the foreign court. I would not be the first of our group to arrive there, but I was also not to be last. 

The End

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