Alexandra: It's time

A few weeks passed and I continued with my daily routine.  I told no-one about Jon and the job as a spy, not even my mother who had emerged from her room and was beginning to get back to her old self.  I was worried about her.  As much as I knew I needed to leave and serve my country I wasn't sure I could leave her.  I had to know she would be alright when I left.

In this time I had no word from Sebastian and only a few visits from Jon.  It seemed he spent most of his time with Katrina and her family.  But even though I saw very little of him I grew to like him very much.  He obviously cared about other people and was very concerned about Katrina's brother.

Then he came at night.  He knocked on the door gently.  Luckily for him I was still awake and in the kitchen tidying away after dinner and Mother was upstairs.  I went to the door and let him in.  He was dressed in a dark cloak and dark riding clothes.

'We have to go now Alex.  We have a clear crossing across the boarder and we don't have long.  Don't bring anything, just a cloak to keep you warm.  Trunks with suitable clothing have already been packed for you.'  I paniced looking back into the house where my mother was asleep.

'I need one minute.  I need to talk with someone.'  Grabbing my cloak from its hook on the wall I followed Jon outside.  I ran the little way between our house and the village church.  I hoped the priest would still be there.

There was light coming from the windows so I opened the door, motioning for Jon to wait for me outside.  There were candles lit all around the room but there was no sign of anyone.  I walked quickly around the building but still found no-one.

'Alex?  Is that you?'  I turned around and saw the priest, dressed in his usual white robes walking towards me.

'Hello Brother Peter.  I'm sorry to be so abrupt but I need to ask a favour of you.'  The brother looked troubled but sat next to me on the steps.

'What can I do for you my dear?'

'My mother.  Will you promise to look after her?'

'Of course Alex but why would I have to do that?  She's not ill is she?'

'No she's quite well.  I just have to go away for a while, nothing serious you understand.  I just won't be around to look after her and she's been very frail since we lost Sebastian.  I need to make sure she will be looked after.'

'Of course my dear but-'

'Alex!'  Jon appeared at the other end of the room by the open doors.  'We need to leave now!'

'Are you in some sort of trouble Alex?'  Brother Peter looked rather uncomfortable and I began to wish I hadn't come.

'No I'm not.  I will be back, I promise, but for now will you please do as I ask?'  I began walking backwards towards the door.  'Please promise me.'

'I promise.'

The End

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