Eliza - Excitement

I could barely sleep that night. I spent alot of it pacing around my room in excitement and generally driving poor Moira mad, that is when she wasn't trying to talk me out of what she saw as a foolish plan.

"Surely you know your father would disapprove of this?" she beseeched me. 

"My father would agree that anything to stop this war should be done," I replied, not pausing in my pacing. Thoughts and possibilities were running through my head. 

"Yes, but he wouldn't let his own daughter, his only flesh and blood go into danger," she pleaded.

I frowned. "He gave no such consideration to my feelings about my only flesh and blood going into danger when he went off to war. So why shouldn't I do my part," I paused for a second. "Beside, he doesn't need to know. I will write to him and say that having gotten lonely, I have travelled to town to spend the season with friends. I forbid you to write, say, or tell anyone anything that would contradict that."

"But your willing putting yourself into danger lady Eliza."

"Its certainly less danger than the men fighting are. Moira, you know very well I've been brought up on the deception and intrigue of the life of a court lady. I don't see spying as being too much different."

"Your putting your life at risk. Forgive me for speaking out of turn, but this is a foolish plan"

I turned around to face my dear maid. "You will be there every step of the way to make sure I don't do anything reckless," I stated simply.

"Me?" Moira asked, frowning at me.

"Oh come on Moira. We both know that you'll go where I go. You even agreed earlier that if I do this foolish plan you'll come along. And as you've always told me, we nobles say things in front of our servants that we would not say in front of others. Having a maid as a spy would be perfect," I explained.

"I'm coming along to ensure your safety, not put my neck on the cutting block too," Moira retorted. "I can't spy."

"If I was to get caught, you'd be right there with me as well. May as well make the risk worth it." Stepping towards her, I suddenly grabbed her hand. "Just think about it Moira. With the information we give them this war could be over sooner. Think of father coming home safely, of all the men whose lives might be saved, of all the wives and daughters who will see their men folk again. It is a noble cause dear Moira. Plus with your help it might be over all the sooner and then I will be safely home where I belong"

Moira sighed, glancing down at my joint hands. "I've never been able to talk you out of your foolish schemes, and if going along and spying as well means that this one could possibly be over sooner then I have no choice. But if you manage to get our necks on the cutting block just note that I will make sure that you never hear the end of it in the after life my dear."

I grinned, giving a little jump of enthusiasm. "Fantastic. Oh I knew you would agree. Just think Moira, you and me, spies. Doesn't it sound so exciting?"

"Oh I just can't wait," Moira grumbled sarcastically

The End

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