Nellie-- A New Purpose

What did I think? Well that wasn't a hard question. Afterall, me and danger had long been aquaintences and neither one of us had destroyed each other yet, so why not go a little longer?

"Yes," I said, looking Jon in the eyes, "I'd love to join."

He seemed a little overwhelmed and I couldn't help but feel a rush of gratitude for this kind-hearted man who sacrificed so much of himself for others. It was the same for everyone present: Katrina and her gentleness,  Eliza's optomism, and Alexandra and her strong-will. I would have none other be my co-workers in this secret service.


There was an added bounce to my step as I made my way down the cobbled streets towards home. I had a purpose now. No longer would I be stealing from my country; I'd be giving to it.

"Mother!" I called, swinging open the door, "I'm home!"


"Mother?" On edge, I walked slowly down the hallway towards her room and the sound of whimpering reached my perked ears. I pushed the door open slowly and any excitement I had had was dashed. 

"Oh Nellie," my mother's tear-stained face was enough to bring tears to my own eyes, though I had yet to find the source of the sorrow.

"What's wrong?"

"He's gone."

My  heart plummeted past my toes into the deep, dark depthes of the earth and I dropped the food I was carrying, "Who?"

"Don," was all she could get out before her entire being was racked with another sob, holding up an official looking letter to say the rest. I tore it from her weak grip and let my eyes dart back and forth across the paper, dread growing with each line.

He was gone. Dead. Killed in a violent fight that broke out between his comerades.

 I sat down on our bed, wrapped her slumped form tightly in my arms, and rocked slowly back and forth, forcing my own tears back in attempt to be the strong support she needed, already feeling obligated to fill the empty place left behind by my father.

"What will we do? what will we do?" was all she could say, all she could think of. I only wish I could answer her.

"Where are Susie and William?" I dared to ask.

"I don't know," she bawled, "William was angry and left and Susie tried to stop him. I should've gone to find them but, Nellie, I just couldn't get up the strength."

She buried her face in my shoulder, "I can't do this anymore. I'm a horrible mother."

"No," I pushed her back to look at her and brushed the stray strands of hair from that face I had come to adore so much, "No. No you're not." I wanted to say more, but I feared breaking down myself.

She embraced me as her lifeline and once again hid herself. My jaw clenched and my eyes narrowed.

Yes, Jon, this is most certainly what I wanted to do.

The End

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