Eliza - Possibilities

Moira and I arrived at the Elliots much later that day, with a basket filled to the brim of food. Though I could see they would much rather not be receiving visitors at that moment, they let us. 

"Thank you for this," Mrs Elliot said softly. "It will help alot."

"How is he?" I asked, even though I had never met the man. 

"Not well. Katrina is with him now."

At those words, Katrina suddenly appeared in the doorway. "He is asleep. His fever still burns and I do not know how to make it go down. Nothings working," she murmured, tears in her eyes. Suddenly she noticed Moira and I sitting at the table.

"Oh hello Eliza," she greeted, taking a seat opposite me.

"Hello Katrina. Is there anything I could do? Perhaps send for a doctor?" I asked, worried.

Katrina shook her head. "The military doctor could do little for him, and they recruit some of the best for that position. No, if he is going to come through this it will need to be naturally."

Nellie entered from the fields, her hands occupied by an empty basket. "I have fed the horses for you Katrina,"

"Thank you Nellie," Katrina replied, as the other girl took a seat. We all sat in silence for a moment, until the silence was broken by a knock at the door. 

Mrs Elliot opened it, to see Jon and a strange woman in tow. "I know your not up to visitors at the moment Mrs Elliot, but may I please speak to Katrina. And Eliza and Nellie too if their here?" he asked.

Mrs Elliot nodded. "Of course. I shall go sit with Ed for awhile, in case he needs anything."

Jon nodded, then sat opposite us. "This is Alexandra" he introduced. The girl eyed us with slightly suspicious eyes 

We introduced ourselves politely. That out of the way, Jon glanced at all of us. "If you all wish to do something to help this war come to an end, I believe I have just the thing" he began

We all looked at him, suddenly interested. Even Katrina, whose mind was preoccupied with her brother was interested. 

"Alexandra here convinced me of the advantage of having women as spies," he stated, eliciting a gasp from us. "And if I am going to allow one woman to be a spy, then I would be remiss to not invite the other women I know who have expressed an interest in helping the cause."

I nodded suddenly, grinning. "Of course. We could go to court. Men always like to give tidbits away to the women they chase,"I said with a smile, batting my lashes. "I could teach the others all they need to know."

"Oh no you couldn't" interrupted Moira. "No, I can't allow you do such a thing."

Turning, I stared her down. "Moira, if you do not allow it, I will sneak away in the dead of the night. You can't have me watched twenty four seven, and you would better serve as protection if you came along with me. Every lady needs a dear and loyal maid."

Moira shook her head, then slowly nodded. "You are a stubborn child, and I know that you will get your way sometime. I know if I allow it your father may kill me, but it'd be worse if you managed to follow this foolish scheme and I was not there to help."

Jon took in the scene, before speaking. "So I take it your in then Eliza?" he asked.

I nodded, a grin on my face. "Of course I'm in. It sounds so exciting."

Jon nodded, turning to the other two. "What about you two?"

The End

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