Jon: A new mission

When I returned to the army camp, I was given a new mission, one that was a little different from the duties I had been providing so far.

 Lieutenant Macabee introduced me to one of our battle line ambassadors, a young man by the name of Sebastian. The duties of a battle line ambassador are quite simple. They are the officers that communicate with the enemy before and after battle. Their role is relatively safe as long as both sides play fair, which hardly ever happens.

 “It is nice to meet you,” I stated, pausing to frown. “Should I call you Ambassador?”

 “That is my official title,” Sebastian said, shaking my hand, “but I do a lot more than just communicate or send messages.” I smirk, silently asking him to elaborate. “We are spies, Mr. Hanway.”

 I wasn’t an idiot by any means, so I wanted to know what my role would be in all of this. “And, what is it I can do for you?”

 “Besides delivering messages as you have been,” he stated in a calm but quick voice, “we need a recruiter.” I gave him another look, and it seemed that Sebastian was able to see right through me.

 “We will need to work on your spy skills,” he said with a laugh, the kind of laugh someone gives when they are trying to hide something. “The only way we will win this war is to know more than the other guy, which means we need people over there.”

 “So, it is my job to find people for you,” I said, restating his instruction. “People that don’t mind risking their life, because you know what will happen if they get caught.”

 Sebastian did not say anything to my observation. A simple nod spoke volumes. “You know more people in this area than any other member of this army,” he stated.  “Use your connections, and as a bonus, if you are able to find good people for this, there’s a commissioned officer’s position for you. And, maybe even for the men you find.”

 I stood there silent for a moment. I looked over at Macabee who said, “I think it is a good idea, Jon. This is the best way to get you out of the message business. And, if you can’t find anyone, you can always deliver messages. There’s practically no risk.”

 With those bolstering words, I turned back to Sebastian. “I will do my best.”

 Sebastian smiled, handing me an envelope. “That sounds good, Mr. Hanway. Here is your first message from me. It is a letter for my sister.”

 “I will deliver it immediately,” I said with a slight bow of the head.


The End

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