Katrina: Coming Home

 I sat at the window, the afternoon sky clouded with gloomy, bulbous clouds, swollen with rain. The humidity made the air heavy and depressing. The scene seemed to meet our emotions at the time as I stared at the empty road a little ways up from the house, as I heard Mother pacing all across the house behind me, trying to find something to relieve her anxiety in the form of some chore that must be accomplished before Ed's arrival.

  Sighing, I turned my eyes away from the window, standing from my the chair I had pulled there.  At the other window, Jacob had his face pressed up against the glass, waiting for any sign. I began assisting Mother in her attempt to tidy up the house and arrange everything perfectly. There seemed nothing else to do.

  "Here! Here! Here! He's here!" exclaimed Jacob, leaping out of his chair and racing out the door. Mother and I froze staring at each other, before we dropped what we were doing and followed Jacob out in almost the same fashion.

   The first drops of rain began to leak as the open cart bumped down our way to the house, Jon and his horse following close behind. We reached them just as the man who was driving the cart and Jon started to lift Ed's body out of the back. Mother ran to his side, and I and Jacob to the other as they walked him to the house. His face was pale as a ghost and thin, lathered in a feverish sweat. "Oh, Ed," Mother cried, tears in her eyes, stroking his hair.

  "Mother?" he murmured, seeming to be only half awake.

  "Yes, yes." she nodded, smiling. "We are going to get you all better, do you hear me? We have already arranged your bed for you, and some nice stew, your favorite."   

   Ed mildly grinned, showing he was at least partially aware of what she said. Maybe there is some hope.  I thought, though in the back of my mind that horrible little voice whispered that he looked terrible.



The End

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