Eliza - wishful thinking

I arrived home that day discouraged. There had to be something we could do about this stupid war. It hadn't even started yet from what we heard, and already it was causing hurt to people I knew. 

"Oh Moira do you have any ideas?" I asked her later that night, as we were seated at dinner. 

"No Miss Eliza. You are a lady, there is no place for you on the battlefront. And even if you weren't, war is no place for a woman," she stated, trying to dissuade me from this topic.

"But maybe we don't have to go to the battlefront? Maybe there is something else we can do," I urged, pushing my food around.

Moira suddenly put her fork down on the table heavily. "Miss Eliza, enough of this. You should accept your place as a woman and not try to put yourself in danger. I am entrusted with your safety, and I don't want to hear talks of something that might put you in danger. Just think what your father would think. Enough of this talk"

I nodded silently, resuming eating my food. I would stop this talk, for now. But there had to be something to be done.

Determined I turned my mind to other matters. "I think there is something we can do to help the Elliot family. Perhaps a package of food from the kitchen? We have ample to spare and we could take it down tomorrow," I suggested.

Moira nodded. "Thats more like it. I shall have the cook set to it after we finish in here."


The End

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